Obaseki Pledges $35,000 To Fund Edo State Film Festival

Obaseki Calls For Federal-State Economic Renegotiation Amidst Growing Weakness

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Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has said that the Federal Government’s diminishing strength in the face of economic challenges necessitates a renegotiation with states to find sustainable solutions.

Speaking directly to a group of newly employed first-class graduates, and young professionals, the governor articulated the prevailing issues with the current central government’s capabilities and responsibilities, stating, “The central government is becoming weaker as it doesn’t have the resources to undertake the responsibility it ought to take according to the constitution, and this will lead to a renegotiation. The system is not sustainable, but yet I don’t see Nigeria disintegrating.”

Obaseki went on to reinstate the importance of engaging young minds in addressing the nation’s challenges and aligning Nigeria with global development. He pointed out Edo State’s strides in areas such as paperless governance and robust infrastructure, setting the stage for progress.

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“It’s a new world for you, young minds, and running away from Nigeria will not solve the problem,” The Governor declared, challenging the graduates to stay and be part of the solution.

He maintained that the reasons driving people away from the country could be addressed through their efforts and leadership, provided they are prepared and empowered to make a difference.

In a time when the nation faces economic trials, Obaseki’s call for a redefined partnership between the federal and state governments presents a fresh perspective on the path to Nigeria’s progress and sustainable development.

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