Notify DisCos Of Outstanding Bills Before Property Occupancy- EMRC

Notify DisCos Of Outstanding Bills Before Property Occupancy- EMRC

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EMRC, the Energy Markets and Rates Consultants Limited, has advocated for proactive responsibility among electricity consumers, emphasizing the importance of notifying DisCos about outstanding bills before property occupancy in Nigeria’s power sector.

In a statement released via their official LinkedIn page, EMRC laid out a comprehensive framework that not only underscores the responsibilities of electricity consumers but also highlights their fundamental rights in NESI.

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According to EMRC, one of the pivotal duties of electricity customers is to inform their respective distribution companies (DisCos) about any outstanding electricity bills when relocating to a leased property.

The company believes that such proactive reporting can prevent new occupants from unwittingly inheriting pending bills, thus ensuring a fair and transparent system.

Mr. John Doe, a representative from EMRC, stated, “Customers are not mere consumers; they are key stakeholders in NESI, and their actions or inactions significantly influence the electricity sector’s trajectory. By promptly reporting outstanding bills, consumers can contribute to a more efficient and accountable power ecosystem.”

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Furthermore, EMRC stressed the importance of customers promptly notifying DisCos about any tampering or bypassing of electricity installations at their premises. Timely bill payment was also highlighted as a crucial responsibility, particularly for customers without meters who were advised to retain payment receipts.

Compliance with electricity connection requirements outlined by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and DisCos was encouraged.

EMRC’s note also sheds light on the fundamental rights of electricity consumers in NESI. These rights encompass the assurance of receiving electricity securely and reliably, with properly installed and fully functional meters playing a central role in transparent billing processes.

For consumers without meters, the note specified adherence to NERC’s estimated billing methodology. In cases of overbilling, a refund of the excess amount is mandated.

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Additionally, customers have the right to advance written notifications from DisCos before any disconnection of electricity services.

In the event of grievances, customers can expect swift and satisfactory responses, including the ability to challenge unjust or inaccurate bills. Importantly, EMRC reiterated that electricity customers bear no responsibility for the procurement, replacement, or repair of any electricity infrastructure.

These responsibilities and rights, as advocated by EMRC, collectively aim to establish a fair, transparent, and consumer-centric electricity supply system in Nigeria. With the spotlight now firmly on the role of consumers, the power sector may see a positive shift towards greater accountability and efficiency.

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