Nokia To Relaunch Old Phones On Rising Smartphone Adoption?

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Nokia seems to be looking into its creative past to meet demand in today’s smartphone market, as the Finnish company is reportedly bringing back features from old models to make Nokia Original series.

While the release date for the Original series are not known yet, reports have it that the technology company is going to make Nokia 2660 Flip 4G, Nokia 5710 XA and Nokia 8210 4G available in the market.

Nokia is also reportedly preparing to launch some basic 2G phones. It was gathered that the phones will carry some striking resemblance with the old generation models. The company had also posted some related phones on its page.

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The new direction of Nokia is contradictory to the other smartphones saturating the global phone market, with buyers demanding sophisticated innovation that betters previously released brands.

But with that of the Nokia Original series having a link to the past, it is yet to be known how smartphone consumers will welcome a phone that connects them to the era when the features of phone was limited.

Comparing the past innovation to the present, only the strong battery stands out compared to recent smartphone features. Keep in mind that phones have gone beyond back camera to multiple front and back cameras, as well as wide screen without obvious keypad.

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Meanwhile, if the Nokia Original series hit the market, it is expected to be limited, considering Nokia isn’t one of the top five largest phone producers in the world.

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