Naira Appreciates To N869/$1 As Experts Debate Stability
Naira Appreciates To N869/$1 As Experts Debate Stability

Nigerian Naira Plummets To New Low, Hits N1,043.09/$ In Official Market

7 months ago
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The Nigerian Naira plunged to a troubling low, closing at N1,043.09 against the dollar, marking a depreciation of 16.35% and signaling deep concerns for the country’s economy just days before 2024.

This recent fall follows a similar historic milestone earlier this month when the Naira breached the N1,000/$ threshold, marking a moment in its history.

“The continuous decline of the Naira is concerning, especially considering the approaching New Year,” commented a financial analyst. “It exacerbates inflationary pressures and poses challenges for businesses, both large and small.”

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Despite efforts by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to stabilize the foreign exchange market, the Naira’s downward spiral persists, causing apprehension about its potential impact on consumer spending and reliance on imported goods during the upcoming festive season.

“The impact of this depreciation extends beyond the official forex market,” stated an expert. “The extended timeline for issuing letters of credit and related documentation by the CBN reflects the severity of the forex scarcity situation and its effects on trade.”

Financial experts have urged innovative measures, including the de-dollarization of local transactions, sales of crude oil in Naira, and collaborative efforts involving key stakeholders to arrest the Naira’s free fall.

“In order to stabilize the Naira, it’s essential to rethink how transactions are conducted locally,” emphasized Dr. Biodun Adedipe. “This includes encouraging transactions in Naira and strategic engagements with banking institutions for market reforms.”

As the country grapples with this economic challenge, experts stress the need for concerted efforts and innovative policies to address the currency’s alarming depreciation and its broader implications on Nigeria’s economic landscape.


Emmanuel Ochayi is a journalist. He is a graduate of the University of Lagos, School of first choice and the nations pride. Emmanuel is keen on exploring writing angles in different areas, including Business, climate change, politics, Education, and others.


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