Black Market Dollar (USD) To Naira (NGN) Exchange Rate Today 16th July 2024

Naira Depreciates To N1,233/$ In Parallel Market, Registers Tepid Movement Across Forex Platforms

7 months ago
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In the currency exchange market’s dynamics, the Naira traded N1,233 against the US dollar at the parallel market on Monday, as affirmed by Bureau de Change (BDC) operators.

Reports from key operators indicated a consistent trading range observed on Friday, with the local currency trading at 1,228/$ for buying and 1,233/$ for selling.

Insights gleaned from Abokifx delineated the Pound Sterling’s transactions at 1,550/£ to 1,565/£, while the Euro fluctuated between 1,290/€ and 1,305/€, underscoring a steady yet nuanced market sentiment.

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Kamarudeen Ibrahim, a BDC operator in Lagos, highlighted the Naira’s slight depreciation from 1,220/$ a week earlier to 1,233/$ by the week’s closure, attributing this shift to weakened demand dynamics.

Contrarily, Akeem Yusuf, another BDC operator, noted a status quo in the Naira’s value at 1,233/$ on Monday, elucidating subdued buyer activity as a contributing factor. This subtle weakening marked a 1.1% decrease or N13 in value.

Despite this, the Investor & Exporter exchange window witnessed a marginal appreciation on Friday, as reported by FMDQ data.

The Naira, which concluded at 889.63/$ on Thursday, experienced a modest 0.42% climb or N3.75 to settle at 885.88/$ on Friday.

Trading dynamics in the official market commenced at N915/$, reaching a high of N1,248/$ before culminating at N885.88, concluding the day with a total turnover of $92.16 million on Friday.

These nuanced shifts across various forex platforms underscore a complex interplay of factors influencing the Naira’s value in the currency market.


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