Nigeria,  Brazil Planning Agreement On Direct Flights Amidst Efforts To Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Nigeria, Brazil Planning Agreement On Direct Flights Amidst Efforts To Strengthen Bilateral Ties

2 months ago
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In a bid to fortify their long-standing relations, Nigeria and Brazil are contemplating the establishment of direct flight operations between Lagos and São Paulo, the financial hubs of their respective countries.

The initiative comes on the heels of discussions between Nigerian President Bola Tinubu and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva during the sidelines of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“We have a very vibrant population of young Nigerians who are trainable, dependable, and should be empowered,” President Tinubu expressed during the meeting, highlighting Nigeria’s readiness to break barriers hindering progress and emphasizing investments in critical sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture.

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President Lula da Silva echoed similar sentiments, stressing the need to revitalize bilateral relations that have seen a significant decline in trade volume over the years. “I am back to try to restore, to reclaim our good relations with Nigeria,” he stated, underlining the potential for collaboration in various areas such as academia, culture, commerce, agriculture, and aviation.

Expressing dismay over the absence of direct flights between Lagos and São Paulo, President Lula da Silva emphasized the importance of resolving this issue promptly. “It is meaningless…I cannot understand that,” he remarked, urging for swift action to enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother exchanges between the two nations.

In response, President Tinubu affirmed Nigeria’s commitment to fostering stronger ties with Brazil, citing efforts to streamline business processes, combat corruption, and implement reforms akin to those witnessed in Brazil.

“We are stopping at nothing to remove all encumbrances to business. Red tape is being shredded around us,” he assured, emphasizing Nigeria’s determination to harness its immense potential for the benefit of its citizens.

As both leaders underscored their eagerness to deepen cooperation across various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, and research, the prospect of direct flights between Lagos and São Paulo serves as a tangible symbol of their commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and unlocking new opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.

With both countries boasting significant human and natural resources, the potential for collaboration remains vast, offering a promising outlook for the future of Nigeria-Brazil relations.

As President Lula da Silva aptly put it, “The time is very short…we have to put our ministers to work,” signaling a sense of urgency and determination to seize the moment and propel their nations towards greater heights of success and development.


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