Rivers Rumble: Why Wike ‘Influenced Critical Appointments’ By Gov Fubara [EXCLUSIVE]

Niger Delta May Implode Over Fresh Plot To Impeach Gov Fubara – NDC Warns

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Just when Nigerians seem to have moved on from the recent political rumble in Rivers State between Governor Siminalaye Fubara and his estranged predecessor, Nyesom Wike, the Niger Delta Congress (NDC) says there are sinister plots by certain individuals to commence impeachment proceedings against the Rivers State Governor in the coming days.

The group found this development to be deeply troubling considering the possible social unrest it could ignite in the state and region. It recalled the near-polarizing nature of the last gubernatorial election in Rivers State linked to strong ethnic sentiments in favor of the rotation of the Office of the Governor amongst competing ethnic groups in the state.

NDC, in a statement issued on Monday by its national spokesperson, Mudiaga Ogboru, maintained that any impeachment move against the Rivers Governor when lacking in justification, could be viewed under ethnic lenses “which in turn pose wider implications for not just Rivers State but regional unity, peace, and socio-political stability.”

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While harping on the need to respect the will of the people and maintain the integrity of democratic institutions, the group maintained that any attempt to oust Fubara must not only be justified, but be seen to be justified, and adhere to constitutional procedures while upholding the principles that underpin a functioning democracy.

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The statement reads, “The NDC wishes to preempt any such plans aimed at impeaching the current sitting governor of Rivers State and condemns any action in this regard, and also those who have or might be tempted to give themselves over for such actions which may lead to a breakdown of law and order with a possible cascading effect in the Niger Delta region.

“Democracy thrives on the principles of due process, transparency, and respect for the rule of law, all of which are paramount in ensuring sociopolitical stability and maintaining the ethnic harmony in our region.”

According to NDC, Fubara is an elected representative who holds a mandate from the people except otherwise stated by the courts handling the cases as brought by other candidates in the 2023 gubernatorial elections in the state.

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The statement reads further, “We will like to reiterate that ethnic unrest poses a grave threat to the social fabric of not just Rivers State but also our region, and we strongly discourage actions by individuals or groups that may exacerbate tensions along ethnic lines.

“It is crucial for all stakeholders involved to prioritize dialogue and understanding in addressing any issues that may arise to ensure the continued progress and stability of Rivers State and its people.

“The advancement of Rivers State which should be clearly visible in the infrastructural development, increase in capacity, greater freedom and material well-being of the people must remain the top priority of all and sundry, and all efforts should be directed towards fostering a harmonious and conducive environment which is vital for the development of the state and the Niger Delta region at large.

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