Netflix ‘The Law Of The Jungle’: Watch It Or Skip It

Netflix ‘The Law Of The Jungle’: Watch It Or Skip It

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The Law of the Jungle is a Mexican competition reality series directed by Juan Carlos Durán Crane. Additionally, Magdalena La Rotta, Samuel Duque, Silvia Durán, and Camilo Baquero signed on as executive producers of the show.

The show follows twelve strangers who must work as a team and participate in various challenges putting their physical and mental strength to the test. But knowing there’s a huge cash prize for the winners of the competition, some contestants resort to sabotage.

The goal of every contestant is to try to stay in the competition as long as they can to make it to the end and hopefully get a cut of the 2 million pesos cash prize.

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The opening scene shows a control room, similar to what you’d see in ‘The Hunger Games’, with players’ profiles displayed on flat screens before we’re taken to a convoy of Land Rovers cruising down a rain-soaked highway.

The contestants are led blindfolded into the jungle, with a few introductory cutaways. There’s John, a musician and entrepreneur, who immediately challenges Layla, a student, about what tactics she might employ in the game. Leslie, a former co-star of MTV Latin America’s Acapulco Shore, says she’s here to prove who she really is after what viewers saw of her there.

Cesar is a polygraph examiner, an analytical vocation the narrator tells us the series might obfuscate; Sandy’s competitor’s spirit is powered by the encouragement of her two children; Zoe is an activist; Gina is an athlete; Josue is a parkour enthusiast; and Paola, also known as “Little Moth,” is a twerking instructor.

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And from one to twelve, every contestant on Law of the Jungle has a plan for the show’s prize purse. The question is how any of them will get it, and what might be left when they do.

Watch or Skip it

WATCH IT. All of the contestants on The Law of the Jungle are outspoken in ways as different as their motivations for winning the prize money. Beyond the usual physical challenges, though, what’s intriguing here is how each of them will navigate the moral temptations they’re presented with, along the way.

Even though there are eight episodes in the first season, it doesn’t take long to finish them all since it’s such an entertaining show. And once you’re finished, you’re left wondering if there will be a second season.


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