Man freaks out after discovering his dog looks like Will Ferrell
Man freaks out after discovering his dog looks like Will Ferrell

Man Freaks Out After Discovering His Dog Looks Like Will Ferrell

2 years ago
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A dog identified as Layla went viral on social media when the owner, Thomas Green was able to see, there was a striking resemblance between his little pet and the popular American actor, Will Ferrell.

Layla who left the internet in hysterics became a sensation as everyone seemed to have the same view as its owner.

Green had shared a photo of his dog on Twitter. But a friend commented pointing out, Layla actually was a lookalike of the American actor.

Green then jokily tweeted:  “Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can’t unsee it now.”

On this, twitter went agog as the tweet racked up more than 260,000 LIKES, even prompting other people to share snaps of their own dogs’ celebrity look-alikes.

“It was actually a dear friend of mine who said that Layla looked like Will Ferrell,” Thomas cleared.

He continued: “I just laughed a little bit and pulled up a picture and was like oh my goodness she really does. It was a really good laugh, honestly.”

Thomas acquired Layla in December and had her flown out to Houston after he moved into his new house the following month.

He enthused: “She is great, full of energy, very outgoing, friendly towards everyone around her, and so much more.”

According to Thomas: “She is a lover, and always wants to hug someone as well. She likes to sleep a lot too, just like myself.”

Similarly, the dog owner who works as a DJ announced: “I’ve gone viral before but not outside of musical content so this was a little different.”

“Getting a chance to see other peoples pets in comments and how they resembled some faces that we might know,” said excited Thomas.

He said: “I didn’t think too much of it for it to be an extremely viral post, it kind of just happened. It’s funny how things work out though.”

Interestingly, there were other persons who commented in discordant voices, not able to see the funny side to Layla. One user said: “All the dogs with human eyes in this thread honestly freak me out.”

Another supported: “This particular breed freaks me out because I always see a human face when I look at this type of dog.”



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