Love Is Blind Reunion: Technical Mishap, Long Night Of Apologies

Love Is Blind Reunion: Technical Mishap, Long Night Of Apologies

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Netflix’s highly anticipated Love is Blind Season 4 live reunion suffered a technical mishap, causing a two-hour delay that left fans disappointed.

However, Netflix promised the show would be worth the wait and apologized to subscribers for the hold-up. Despite the embarrassing tech issues, the show was broadcasted in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles.

 Vanessa Lachey, who co-hosts the reality dating show with her husband, Nick, opened the reunion special with words of comfort for the audience viewing from home.

The reunion began with Chelsea and Kwame confirming that they are still married and that Chelsea has since met Kwame’s mother. Kwame apologized for his behavior when he left the pods and admitted to having inappropriate conversations with his first relationship connection, Micah, after becoming engaged to Chelsea.

Irina, who is considered the “villain” of the season, was the next cast member to take accountability during the reunion. As the show’s video recapped her disingenuous behavior towards her female castmates, she said, “My intention was never to hurt anyone, but my impact did.” She admitted to treating Zach poorly and belittling him, apologizing for it.

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Bliss, who claimed to have been experiencing a panic attack in a scene where she appeared to be laughing at one of her heartbroken castmates in a previous episode, advised Irina to take accountability for her actions rather than making excuses. Paul was called out for leaving Micah behind at the altar, saying that he couldn’t see her as a mom.

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Micah claimed to be blindsided by that revelation, which caused Paul to backtrack on his words, saying he didn’t create an environment that would allow Micah to show her more nurturing side during their relationship.

Jackie was the final Season 4 cast member to clear the air and admit wrongdoing during the special, though she did so in a pre-taped interview with Vanessa and Josh, whom she first connected with in the pods and has been in a relationship with since filming for the show ended. The couple now lives together.

As for the demise of her relationship with Marshall, Jackie added, “I take accountability for my words and actions, and I hope that he would do the same. I can take accountability for the fact that I went from zero to 100 really quickly and I can sit here and say that I should have heard him. I should have let him speak without being on the defense. We just weren’t meant to be.”

Though Marshall hoped for more closure, expressing he was robbed of the opportunity without Jackie being there to discuss their relationship face to face, he said his ultimate desire now is to simply move on.

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Tiffany and Brett continued to be the bright spot of the season, sharing nothing but sweet recollections of their time getting to know each other during the show and now as a married couple.

Bliss shared that Zach and her dad, who once disapproved of her quick run down the aisle, are now “best buds,” while Vanessa pegged the pair as the most likely to have the first Love is Blind baby.

The reunion’s repeated theme was that outsiders couldn’t possibly understand what it was like to go through the Love is Blind dating experience, which the cast subjected themselves to

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