List Of 50 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage
List Of 50 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage

List Of 50 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Marriage

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It’s the Valentine’s season! At Prime Business Africa, we encourage you to share and show love without holding back. Here is a list of top 50 ingredients to add so your marriage can stew up this Valentine period.

  1. Spend time together
  2. Look after your spouse when they take ill
  3. Make each other comfortable to be themselves
  4. Support any career path they choose
  5. Seeing each other at your worst and best
  6. Have regular cuddles
  7. Respect your spouse in front of others
  8. Plan together always
  9. Be proud of your spouse’s achievements
  10. A little fun – be silly with each other
  11. Explore new places together
  12. Develop good sense of humour if you lack one
  13. Try new things together
  14. Don’t forget important occasions
  15. Before taking decisions, consult your spouse
  16. Distribute chores fairly
  17. Show an interest even if you don’t know what your spouse is talking about. You just might learn a few things new
  18. Forgive their bad habits
  19. Do things your spouse wants to do, even if you don’t enjoy it
  20. Say “I love you” at regular intervals
  21. Say “good morning” and “good night” even if you are the man
  22. Listen to the other grumble about work
  23. Go on weekends away together
  24. Don’t go to sleep on an argument
  25. Please turn a blind eye when the other is grumpy
  26. Accommodate TV shows you don’t like
  27. Be nice to their family. Get on with the in-laws. Try.
  28. Don’t allow money put asunder
  29. Forgive whether your spouse is sorry or not
  30. Say sorry not because you are wrong but because your spouse is hurting
  31. Go to some length to make one another laugh
  32. Laugh about arguments afterwards
  33. Take good note when they mention what they really like
  34. Accommodate their friends
  35. Pick your battles with love
  36. Play hard
  37. Surprise them with gifts
  38. Sing their song to your friends
  39. Share your meal when eating out – makes the meal tastier
  40. Say they still look cute when they’re looking their worst
  41. Be comfortable with going to the toilet in front of each other
  42. Stay put in trying times
  43. Leave nice messages for one another
  44. Practically live for each other
  45. Agree on when in-laws, family and friends visit
  46. Still bawl hard even when the kids arrive
  47. At least one of you should be a voice of reason
  48. Regularly deliver tea or coffee in bed
  49. Always take one another’s side even if they’re not right
  50. Have no gender roles

**Which in this list is your favourite? Please tell us in the Prime Business comment section. Thanks.**

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