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Lessons For Nigeria, Africa In Zambian Election — Obi

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VICE Presidential candidate of the PDP in 2019 elections, Mr. Peter Obi, congratulated the people of Zambia over their last election, which he described as an “African Example.”

He also praised the outgoing president for showing maturity and genuine spirit of sportsmanship.

Mr. Peter Obi, in a signed statement, said he closely monitored Zambia’s electioneering process and was satisfied by the conduct of all the parties, especially the government in power that did not have to do things untoward even when it was clear that they were losing the election.

Comparing it to Nigeria’s elections, Obi said that the people of Zambian had shown that election, “unlike what is sadly obtainable in Nigeria and most African countries, is not war or  atavistic throwback to the era of killing or getting killed, but a civilized act of allowing the people show their political preferences.”

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Obi, who  said  that Zambian election has  shown that Africans are capable of  organising elections if they embrace right values, call on Nigerian leaders, especially those in power to learn from Zambia for the good and progress of the country reminiscence of how President Goodluck Jonathan handed over in 2015.

Zambia recently organised an election that is still commended the world over at which the opposition, led by Hakainde Hichilema, a businessman, defeated the incumbent, Edgar Lungu, who has led the Southern African nation since 2015.

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