Delta variant of COVID-19
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Keeping Safe Worth Keeping The Vigil?

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What You Need to Know About the COVID-Delta Variant

WOULD you rather spare few hours of your sleep time to defeat the rampaging Delta variant of COVID-19?

PRIME business Africa will leverage its global partnerships to bring you all there is to know about the Delta variant of COVID-19 currently ravaging the world. And all you need do is keep a little vigil for the 1 am date on Friday, August 6 (2 pm Thursday, Hawaii).

Expert Tim Brown will run down the facts behind the resurgence in a free webinar on Thursday, August 5 at 2 pm Hawaii time (Friday, August 6 at 2 pm Lagos time).

In a special conference this early Friday morning, Dr. Tim Brown, an internationally renowned epidemic tracking expert will discuss important aspects of the Delta variant behind the current surge of COVID-19 infections in the US and worldwide. Brown is of the East-West Center in Hawaii, US.

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To attend the free webinar, visit www.primebusiness.Africa early Friday morning at exactly 1 am. The event will last for only one hour.

A recording of the webinar will also be available for viewing afterward on Prime Business Africa’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Brown will speak on the theme, “Living in the Shadow of Delta: The Virus Strikes Back.”
Brown’s presentation will put the evolution of Delta in the context of the pandemic to date.
He will also highlight the changes in Delta that make it such a formidable adversary and discuss their implications for effective future responses to the evolving threat of COVID-19

Dr. Tim Brown is a leading authority on tracking and preventing HIV/AIDS worldwide. Like many working in HIV, Dr. Brown has been drawn into efforts to respond to the COVID pandemic. He has served on a COVID-19 advisory task force for Hawai‘i, spoken frequently to the media about the pandemic, and co-authored several articles recommending policies to tamp down coronavirus spread.

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In a previous incarnation, he obtained his Ph.D. in High Energy Theoretical Physics from the University of Hawaii.

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