‘John Wick’ Franchise Hits $1 Billion Globally

‘John Wick’ Franchise Hits $1 Billion Globally

11 months ago
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The highly acclaimed “John Wick” franchise has officially crossed the $1 billion mark in global ticket sales. Lionsgate’s action-packed series, led by the talented Keanu Reeves, has achieved this impressive milestone with a cumulative total of $1.011 billion across its four films.

The latest instalment, “John Wick: Chapter 4,” played a crucial role in reaching this coveted milestone. With a current gross of $425 million, it has become the highest-grossing film in the franchise to date.

Despite being the most expensive entry with a budget of $100 million, “Chapter 4” opened in March with a strong domestic record of $73.5 million.

What sets the “John Wick” franchise apart is its consistent growth and increasing success with each new film. The original movie, released in 2014, earned $86.1 million at the box office, but it gained a significant following through home entertainment, becoming a sleeper hit.

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The sequel, “John Wick: Chapter 2,” surpassed its predecessor’s success with a final gross of $174.3 million in 2017. The third film, “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” claimed the title of the highest-grossing entry prior to “Chapter 4,” amassing an impressive $328.3 million globally in 2019.

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Joe Drake expressed his gratitude to the film’s director Chad Stahelski, lead actor Keanu Reeves, and producers Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee for their exceptional work.

Drake acknowledged their commitment to pushing the boundaries with each subsequent film in the franchise, leading to this remarkable achievement.

He also extended his heartfelt appreciation to the global moviegoers whose support propelled the franchise to this incredible milestone.

Chad Stahelski, the director of the latest “John Wick” instalment, once again captivated audiences with his exceptional storytelling and masterful action sequences.

The film continues the thrilling journey of the legendary hitman as he wages a relentless battle against the formidable organization known as the High Table.

While Lionsgate has remained secretive about a potential fifth “John Wick” adventure, fans eagerly anticipate the return of Keanu Reeves and the talented cast. In the meantime, audiences can look forward to “Ballerina,” a spinoff story set in the “John Wick” universe, featuring Ana de Armas in a leading role.

The phenomenal success of the “John Wick” franchise demonstrates the power of captivating storytelling, breath-taking action, and the enduring appeal of Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of the titular character.

With each new instalment, the franchise has managed to raise the bar higher, thrilling audiences worldwide and solidifying its place as one of the most successful action franchises in cinematic history.

As fans eagerly await the next chapter in the “John Wick” saga, there is no doubt that this billion-dollar franchise will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of action cinema.


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