I’m Convinced of Senator Akpabio’s Non-involvement in My Sack - Abbo

I’m Convinced Of Senator Akpabio’s Non-involvement In My Sack – Abbo

6 months ago
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Elisha Abbo, the All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator from Adamawa North, who accused the Senate President, Godwill Akpabio, of influencing his sack by the Abuja Court of Appeal, has publicly declared his conviction of Akpabio’s innocence in the matter.

Abbo, who spoke in an interview with Arise TV’s Newsnight on Tuesday, 17 October 2023, tendered an apology to the Senate president. He said Akpabio’s statement during their meeting convinced him that he had no hand in it.

He said: “Yesterday day night, I had a discussion with my Senate President, my brother, my colleague, distinguished Senator Akpabio and I am convinced that he’s not involved. This is because we met yesterday and made me go by his word, he said, Senator Abbo, I swear on my mother’s grave that I am not involved in this. I don’t even know you are in the court.

“For a number three citizen to come up to tell me that he has sworn with his mother’s grave, a woman that he loves so much and a woman who brought him up after he lost his father at the age of six, I don’t see a reason why he would lie. And today, the additional intelligence trickled in and we have abundant information.”

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He said it was only honorable and virtuous to admit to one’s wrong after acting in error finding out information on the truth and clearing the Senate President’s name of any false allegations. He went on to apologize to Akpabio again and expressed his full conviction in his non-involvement as according to him, Akpabio always values his words and equally values his mother.

The sacked Senator acknowledged with “all sense of humility and responsibility” that the Press Release he had rendered a day before on the matter was premature and based on the available information at his disposal at that time.

Abbo had said that he was removed through the court because he worked against the emergence of Senator Akpabio, and further claimed that five other senators who did a similar thing were being targeted for removal from office.

Responding to questions about attempts to unseat the Senate President, Abbo said he was never a part of it because he never supported his appointment in the first place, he denied the existence of such plan. He only admitted there was a plan to make Akpabio act rightly. He, therefore, declared his full support and allegiance to Akpabio to ensure he delivered his work well and prayed to God to give him the wisdom to carry that out.


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