Ike Issued A Strike For Bullying

Ike Issued A Strike For Bullying Ilebaye

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In a surprising turn of events, the post-festivity atmosphere took an unexpected twist as Ike, a contestant on the reality show, stirred up chaos in the dressing room.

The incident, which has left both housemates and viewers puzzled, unfolded when Ike, seemingly disregarding his own personal conflicts, embarked on a spree targeting the belongings of fellow contestant Ilebaye, discarding them into the bathroom bin.

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This baffling act has sparked intense speculation regarding Ike’s motives and intentions. As the dust settled and the chaotic aftermath became apparent, Ilebaye was confronted with the extent of the disarray caused by Ike’s actions.

As the day progressed, a crucial revelation unfolded in the form of a replayed clip provided by Big Brother. The clip showcased Ike’s actions in a new light, revealing what seemed to be a pattern of bullying directed towards Ilebaye, coupled with the intentional vandalism of her personal belongings.

The incident has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future dynamics within the reality show, prompting questions about the potential consequences Ike may face due to his actions.

In other news, Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Ike, has vowed to make sure that Mercy Eke does not win the grand prize. Ike, during a discussion with Doyin on Friday, said he would rather die than allow Mercy to walk away with the N120 million.

He vowed to sabotage her and make sure she doesn’t win. “Pere and Kidd asked if I still liked Mercy, I told them I have fans that are praying and fasting for me to be cool with her, but Mercy no go win this money.

“I rather die, I go sabotage till the end. That girl took money from me (many deals outside and the money she won). “Kidd was asking me, maybe, so that he could pursue her. I told him to do whatever he likes, I hate that question.”

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