“I Want The Homeless To Model My Clothes,” Kanye West Tips

“I Want The Homeless To Model My Clothes,” Kanye West Tips

2 years ago
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Kanye West has announced that he would choose the homeless community to model his clothing line as a way of addressing the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

As his own contribution to giving voice to the voiceless, the American wrapper-turned-Christian confirmed he was working with streetwear brand, Skid Row Fashion Week on a new collaboration and fashion show with the ultimate goal of helping the homeless.

He reportedly said that he wanted the homeless community to get some experience modeling clothes they make if to give them a sense of belonging. The partnership will see items found on Skid Row integrated into the ensembles.

West who recently said, he was better known and referred to as “Ye” going forward, had met with L.A. city leaders to discuss ways to solve L.A.’s humanitarian crisis and this solution of his is just one piece of the puzzle.

According to the Founder, Skid Row Fashion Week, David Sabastian, “Here’s the deal … Kanye is working with us.”  I met Kanye earlier this month while Ye was recording ‘Donda 2’ at his studio in L.A.’s Arts District — near Skid Row — and they decided to create a Yeezy X Skid Row Fashion Week clothing collab.”

“In addition, the Yeezy collab will use 100% of the proceeds to help the homeless on Skid Row,” he mentioned.

Also, Sabastian said, his company donated a portion of all sales to helping those living on Skid Row and the factory that makes the clothes employs the homeless.

He again stated: “The fashion line drops Feb. 22 and we’re told the money from sales will help hire more people struggling with homelessness to work at the Skid Row Fashion Week factory.”


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“I Want The Homeless To Model My Clothes,” Kanye West Tips

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