Gov Mbah's Adviser On Hygiene Urges Enugu Community Residents To Avoid Open Defecation

Gov Mbah’s Adviser On Hygiene Urges Enugu Community To Avoid Open Defecation

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Senior Special Assistant to Enugu State Governor on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Hon. Chika Mbah, has called on the residents of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of the state to avoid open defecation as it is harmful to health.

Hon. Mbah made the call during the WASH stakeholders’ visit to Isi-Uzo Local Government secretariat in Ikem, within the week.

The visit was as result of the new action plan of the Enugu State government towards the implementation of the law against open defecation practice across the state.

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According to the SSA, “When rain falls, it carries all our defecation from the land to the rivers. This pollution can cause many diseases like cholera, stomach ache, dysentery, etc. Analyzing this, for instance, if a child contracts a disease, it will affect every member of the family. This is why the Enugu State government has initiated the WASH project for the maintenance of good health in our environment,” she stated.

Gov Mbah's Adviser On Hygiene Urges Enugu Community Residents To Avoid Open Defecation
Hon. Chika Mbah

Hon. Chika Mbah also stated that the project is for all the Local Governments in Enugu State. She explained that Nigeria has the highest open defecation practice and also the highest under-five mortality rate.

She further said that this is the reason Enugu State government is so invested in the project because it does not only affect adults but children.

Consequently, she called on Isi-Uzo residents to join hands in the fight against open defecation in Enugu State.

“The Executive chairman of this setting has done his part by passing this law, but it is us, the citizens that will help in the domestication of this law. I am specifically calling on women and market authorities to help in this fight.

“Women suffer the most because if a child falls sick, it is the mother who will notice it first. Families should have good toilet facilities. It must not be a water closet; we are encouraging the use of mobile toilets.

“Market authorities should also ensure that toilets are built in markets, likewise event organizers. As you are organizing for that event, be making plans for mobile toilets,” the Honorable advised.

Hon. Chika Mbah further explained that excretion is vital to human living, but what matters is the attitude towards excretion. “It might seem difficult, but this is what we can do for our own good,” she added.

The SSA also pointed out that one cannot talk about defecation without mentioning water and that the Enugu State government has set plans for the availability of water. “Having found out that there is a lack of water management and organization in Enugu, the government has decided to partner with communities to ensure the proper management of boreholes for the availability of water in Enugu,” she said.

Furthermore, WASH coordinator in Isi-Uzo LGA, Mrs. Rita Ogbodo, during her opening remark, noted that open defecation has been a perplexing issue globally, but it is worsening in Enugu. She said that since the Enugu State government has decided to ensure the health and hygiene of the people through the WASH initiative, it is crucial for Isi-Uzo to embrace the project.

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The Executive Chairman of Isi-Uzo, Barr Obiora Obaegu on his part, thanked Enugu State government, stating that the project will help transform rural Isi-Uzo into a semi-developed community.

“The law has been passed on the prohibition of open defecation. It is a very impactful project for us to move from rural to a developed area, and our government is very much interested in this project. It will be an interesting thing for Isi-Uzo to be fully part of it.

“It is a programme, to keep the environment clean. I want to thank the Enugu State government for bringing this to reality and also to the SSA to the government on WASH. Thank you so much,” the Chairman stated.

On his part, managing director, Enugu State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (ENRUWSSA), Mrs. Chinonye Nnamchi, stated that the journey of the sensitization started on December 22, 2023 and by January 31, 2024, the 17 LGAs in Enugu State already passed a law for the initiative.

She introduced a modern toilet facility, SATO stool to the audience. She advised the residents to get it because it uses less water, it is very easy to maintain, it is infection free, cheap to buy, defecation doesn’t stick on it and can be used with a pit toilet. Mrs. Nnamchi at the end also thanked the people of Isi-Uzo for being part of the initiative.

Other people present at the event were: Chief of Staff, Isi-Uzo; Hon. Godwin Eze, Leader of the House, Isi-Uzo legislative council; Hon. Irenus Nnaji, Chairman, Isi-Uzo traditional rulers’ council; H.R.H Samuel Ogbodo, WASH observer, Enugu State; Mrs. Egbo Chidimma, permanent secretary, Enugu State Ministry of Agric; Victor Ngwu, other stake holders traditional rulers teachers, students, etc.

The Isi-Uzo Local Government Area Open Defecation Bye-Law 2023, signed by the Executive Chairman Isi-Uzo LGA, Hon. Obiora Obaegu, Leader of the house, Isi-Uzo legislative council Hon. Irenus Nnaji and Clerk of the House, Isi-Uzo legislative Council, Mr. Emma Odanwu came into force on Dec. 29, 2023.


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