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God Never Fails On Promises Despite Human Frailties, Says Archbishop Okeke

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Amid human fragilities and systemic failures, the Father remains the God of faithfulness and love, who invites us to be confident, faithful and prepared to experience His glory, says Archbishop Valerian Okeke of the Onitsha Catholic Diocese.

Archbishop Okeke gave the admonition for people to be faithful and embrace God’s love during his homily on Sunday August 7, 2022 at St. Anthony’s Parish Nkpor, Anambra State, to mark his Pastoral visit to the parish.

The Archbishop stressed the need for people to have deeper understanding of God’s love and faithfulness to be able to key into his salvation opportunities.

The homily which centred on God’s faithfulness to his people, sprung from some books of the Holy Bible- Wisdom chapter 18 verses 6 to 9 which show the people of Israel looking back and discovering how God has always been faithful in His covenant with them; Hebrew chapter 11 verses 1 to 19 pointing out Abraham and Sarah as models of faith in God as they heeded the voice of God, responded readily and believed in His salvation even when all seemed impossible.

In the Book of Luke chapter 12 verses 32 to 48, Christ invites the people to be constantly vigilant in order to be found always ready for the Lord who comes to bring liberation.

Archbishop Valerian Okeke
Archbishop Okeke praying during the  Holy Mass

Archbishop Okeke noted that with a deeper awareness of God’s faithful love, “we will diligently grow our faith and prepare to obtain the lasting treasures in our heavenly homeland by unwavering acts of faith and works of love.”

The metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province urged the people to build their moral foundation with faith in God and focus on hard work and diligence in order to surmount challenges and achieve what seems impossible in their lives.

“With faith as the foundation of our discipleship, we shall see the invisible, achieve the impossible, overcome challenges, stay steadfast and savour the heavenly banquet of blessings.”

He prayed for a grace of solid faith and final perseverance in doing good to access the riches of God’s glory and wished the people a blessed new week.

God Never Fails On Promises Despite Human Frailties, Says Archbishop Okeke God Never Fails On Promises Despite Human Frailties, Says Archbishop Okeke


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