Frodd Wins This Week’s ‘Pardon Me’ Immunity

Frodd Wins This Week’s ‘Pardon Me’ Immunity

8 months ago
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This week’s nomination was carried out differently, just like last week, Big Brother introduced the housemates to the new pardon me please game.

In this new game, the housemates would take turns to go into the diary room and mention the name of just one housemate to grant immunity for the week.

The housemates called the most in the diary session would be granted this week’s pardon. This is how the pardon me please nomination went:

Angel Pardoned Frodd

Venita Pardoned Adekunle

Cee-C Pardoned Nil

Uriel Pardnoned Tolanibaj

Ike Pardoned Frodd

Adekunle Pardoned Venita

Pere Pardoned Cross

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Tolanibaj Pardoned Neo

Cross Pardoned Kiddwaya

Ilebaye Pardoned Nil

Whitemoney Pardoned Alex

Mercy Eke Pardoned Frodd

Soma Pardoned Angel

Neo Pardoned Tolanibaj

Alex Pardoned Seyi

Seyi Pardoned Frodd

Frodd Pardoned Mercy Eke

Doyin Pardoned Adekunle

Kiddwaya Pardoned Alex

After the nomination, Frodd emerged the winner of this week’s Pardon Me Please Nomination by getting 4 pardons. Making him immune for the week, making him the third and final housemate safe this week.

On Monday August 7, 2023, the season saw its second head of house game, which was won by Ike. Just like last week, the head of house games started a little earlier in the afternoon.

The head of house games was played in two rounds. The first round was a game of replication. After the first round, Ike emerged the uncontested winner. see-saw challenge.







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