Flutterwave Co-Founder, Iyin Deactivates Twitter Account Shortly After Kenyan Allegations
Flutterwave Co-Founder, Iyin Deactivates Twitter Account Shortly After Kenyan Allegations

Flutterwave Co-Founder, Iyin Deactivates Twitter Account Shortly After Kenyan Allegations

2 years ago
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Iyin Aboyeji, Co-founder of wave-making Flutterwave has deactivated his Twitter account, moments after Kenya’s Assets Recovery Agency accused the fast-rising startup of fraud and money laundering.

It appears that Iyin may have caved into the pressure from the viral David Hundeyin investigative report as he has now deactivated his Twitter account shortly after Kenyan authorities announced they had frozen bank accounts linked to Flutterwave.

It will be recalled that in April 2022, Nigerian journalist, Hundeyin, had published an investigative report on how Flutterwave was allegedly involved in some dubious personal and professional practices.

The report, which was dotted with shocking pieces of evidence, shattered the social media after the co-founders of Flutterwave were accused of engaging in impersonation, insider trading and inappropriate behaviours in the workplace.

Shortly after the report was published, Aboyeji, broke silence by distancing himself from different allegations brought against the company he founded in 2016.

Aboyeji, in a series of tweets, denied knowing about the unethical conduct and sexual harassment levied against Gbenga Agboola, co-founder and current CEO of the company. He also noted that the report was an attack on his reputation and livelihood, stressing that he would take legal action against Hundeyin over the alleged ‘libellous publication’.

“The attack on my reputation and livelihood by a purveyor of yellow journalism pursuing a mission of personal vendetta is surprising and regrettable but not unexpected. Success does have its price. As the author has subsequently admitted – this article does not implicate me in any wrongdoing, but he only maliciously slandered me because, according to him, we don’t like each other,” he tweeted.

According to Aboyeji: “I am grateful for the opportunity to clear my name from such a grave accusation. As promised, I will be following up with necessary steps on appropriate legal action against the libellous publication and its enabler.”

Following the negative trail online, Iyin allegedly deactivated his Twitter account, and here are some reactions to him deactivating his Twitter account.

Twitter user, @IamTheIroko tweeted in Pidgin English: “David Hundeyin don drive Iyin to go deactivate Twitter Acconunt. David you do this one oh.”

Another user, @General_Oluchi tweeted: Iyin’s account no longer exist. Man has deactivated and skipped down. Ya Kpotuba.

Yet another tweep wrote with some wild laugh emojis: “It is no wonder Iyin was trying to explain his support for Tinubu saying Labour Party was anti-tech. Man was just positioning so he can help launder money.”

Interestingly, the investigative journalist also tweeted the news: “Flutterwave has had its Kenyan bank account frozen for money laundering.”




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