EU Seeks Closer LNG Ties With Nigeria To Fill Russia-Ukraine Supply Gap

7 months ago
1 min read

The European Union (EU) is eyeing stronger diplomatic relations with Nigeria as a reliable liquefied natural gas (LNG) partner to address the gas supply gap caused by the Russia-Ukraine War.

During a visit to the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) plant, EU’s Commissioner for Energy in Nigeria, Ms. Kadri Simson, expressed the urgency, stating, “EU is accelerating its energy transition, but we also have a need to reinforce our ties with reliable LNG partners like Nigeria in the short-term horizon.”

Nigeria, having exported 9.4 billion cubic meters of LNG to Europe in 2022, plays a pivotal role in this plan.

Dr. Philip Mshelbila, NLNG’s Managing Director and CEO, emphasized Nigeria’s Decade of Gas Policy, aiming to harness its vast gas resources for global energy security. Mshelbila pointed out that this plan would also aid the transition to cleaner energy sources and drive economic prosperity while addressing environmental challenges.

The ongoing Train 7 project, approximately 50% complete, will boost NLNG’s production capacity to 30 million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) upon completion.

Furthermore, NLNG envisions future expansion to further advance the gas sector, ensuring reliable and environmental sound energy during the energy transition.


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