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CSU Certificate Saga: Peter Obi Calls On Tinubu To Clarify Identity, Academic Records

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The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi,  has expressed his concerns about the impact of the ongoing controversies surrounding President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s identity and academic credentials on Nigeria’s global reputation. 

In a press conference held today, Obi said: “Having followed the prolonged identity crisis that recently played out in the American Court System and the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the Chicago State University credentials of Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I must confess that I am distressed as a Nigerian.”

Obi highlighted the international repercussions of the matter saying “I have had the unwholesome burden of responding to embarrassing questions about Nigeria’s overall credibility as a nation to privileged audiences and individuals both at home and abroad in different parts of the world where I have traveled lately.”

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He went on to emphasize that the controversy surrounding Tinubu’s identity issues has worsened Nigeria’s international image and led to a perception that every Nigerian could potentially be involved in fraud or identity theft.

In a direct call to action, Obi urged Tinubu to clarify his identity and academic background, saying, “I call on him to immediately and personally mount the rostrum of his present high office to perform a simple task once and for all time. He should re-introduce himself to the nation he governs and to the world for the avoidance of further doubt.”

Obi called on Tinubu to provide information about his name, nationality, place of birth, parentage, primary and secondary schools attended with dates, universities attended, and certificates obtained. He added that if there has been a change of name, Tinubu should clearly state the circumstances.

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The former Anambra State governor stressed that this task should be done through a direct personal statement by Tinubu, as a leader cannot outsource clarification of such a critical matter of personal identity.

Furthermore, Peter Obi emphasized the importance of Chief Tinubu’s true identity being disclosed for the benefit of the Nigerian people and the international community. He stated, “The legitimacy of the office he currently occupies demands that much and even more. Respect for the integrity and esteem of the Nigerian nation within the community of nations makes it even more incumbent and compulsory.”

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