BBNaija ‘Level Up’ Reunion: Giddyfia Love Triangle, GrooPhy Split

1 year ago
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On the latest episode of the highly anticipated BBNaija “Level Up” reunion show, viewers were captivated as Giddyfia delved into the multiple romantic entanglements he found himself in within the Level Up House.

In a surprising turn of events, Giddyfia openly acknowledged his faults and expressed his regrets over his handling of relationships with Amaka, Diana, and Rachel.

Another intense discussion revolved around the controversial GrooPhy ship, with Chichi expressing her reasons for not supporting the relationship.

She vehemently denied ever discussing Groovy and Phyna with Bella, causing a ripple of tension among the housemates.

Rachel also opened up about the difficulties she faced upon entering the “Level Up” house, where most contestants were already involved in romantic partnerships, leaving her feeling isolated and struggling to make friends.

Rachel shared her experience, stating, “Almost everybody was shipped up. There were speculations of people shipping, people choking… People in Level 1 were not welcoming. There were too many strong characters there.”

The conversation took an intriguing twist when Bella revealed that Chichi had shared intimate details about Phyna and Groovy’s relationship with her, instructing her not to disclose it to Chomzy.

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However, Bella confided in Chomzy, leading to a breach of trust and a subsequent revelation to Groovy. Bella expressed her disappointment, saying, “It was supposed to be like a friendship code kinda thing. I went to Chomzy because she was feeling Groovy, and it was like ‘leave this guy.'”

Chichi refuted Bella’s claim, insisting that she never disclosed the intimate nature of Phyna and Groovy’s relationship. She suggested that Bella might have embellished the story, stirring further controversy among the housemates.

Host Ebuka addressed Amaka, who was believed to be the source of the rumor, to clarify her role in the matter. Amaka clarified that she and Chichi had been discussing something unrelated when the topic of Phyna and Groovy came up.

She admitted to confirming their relationship but denied providing explicit details. Phyna, seeking resolution, stated that upon watching the clip of Chichi discussing GrooPhy with Bella, she realized she owed Amaka an apology for any misunderstandings caused.

The episode shed light on the intricate dynamics between Giddyfia and the female housemates, exposing the complexities that arose due to their mutual attraction.

Giddyfia humbly admitted his mistakes, expressing his desire to have handled his relationships with Amaka, Diana, and Rachel differently.

Viewers eagerly anticipate the continuation of the drama on June 28, 2023, airing on Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Family at 10 pm WAT on DSTV, and later on Africa Magic Family Channel at 10:30 pm WAT on GOTV. Additionally, the show can be followed in real-time on Showmax.

Stay tuned for more thrilling highlights from the BBNaija “Level Up” reunion show.


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