Babcock University Offers Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Babcock University Offers Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

2 years ago
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There are some scholarship opportunities available for Nigerian students interested in pursuing their education in Babcock University.

Babcock University has five financial aid opportunities available for qualified students. They are in the form of both full and partial scholarships.
The following available schemes and conditions currently exist.

1. PCF Education Endowment Fund: This is available for students who have lost either of the parents or their major sponsor while already a Babcock student.

Completion of PCF Endowment Form which includes: Name of Student, Course of Study, Year of Study,  Name of Sponsor, Relationship of Sponsor to the student, Employment details of the sponsor (such as place of employment, position, full address of employer etc)
and Residential address of sponsor. 

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Others are home town address of sponsor, signature of student and date, Bursary clearance for last semester, Bill for the academic session and a copy of student ID card.
For more informations, Click HERE

2. ADOPT -A – STUDENTS SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME: This scholarship scheme is awarded on the basis of proven needs.

Eligibility Criteria: 
A Letter of application (Completed Adopt-A-Student Form),
A minimum of 3.0 CGPA,
Evidence of ability to pay the balance beyond the scholarship fund, and
Documentation of Work-Study (Current Work Study).

3. Springtime Development Foundation (SDF): This scholarship is solely sponsored by the Springtime Development Foundation

Beneficiary must be an Adventist,
Application letter, which is addressed directly to SDF, evidence of need of the scholarship, recommendation from the local church pastor.
The scholarship award is given once every new school year.

4. Ilishan Indigenes Scholarship
This scholarship covers only tuition fees.

The genealogy of the applicant must be traceable to Ilishan–Remo, Ogun State.
The applicant shall be a bonafide student of Babcock University and must have spent at least one year of study at at the University. 

Students with disciplinary cases pending and/or with academic probation shall not be eligible.
Students with a citizenship grade less than ‘C’ need not apply. 

For more informations, click HERE

5. Student Support Services Needy Students’ Fund: This is based on need. The selection is done by the University Scholarship Committee.


An application letter, evidence of ability to pay balance beyond the scholarship fund, evidence of documentation of work study. 


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