AMVCA: New Headies Awards

AMVCA 2023: Elozonam, KieKie Win Best Online Social Content Creator

11 months ago
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Elozonam and KieKie have emerged as the winners of the prestigious Best Online Social Content Creator award at the ongoing 2023 AMVCA, recognizing their outstanding work on the popular series “Back From The Future.”

This accolade celebrates their exceptional contribution to online social content creation and entertainment, showcasing their talent and creativity in connecting with audiences worldwide.

The category for Best Online Social Content Creator at the AMVCA 2023 featured a diverse lineup of nominees, including Abiola for “VIP Bathroom,” Adeaga Bukunmi for “Fake Alert with Mercy Johnson,” Bimbo Ademoye for “Iya Barakat Teropi Secxxion,” Edem Victor for “The Activist,”

Isbae U for “My Sweet Mother In-law,” Kenzy Udosen for “Quick Pronunciations,” Oluwadolarz and Abayomi Alvin for “Soldiers at War (Compilation),” Steve Chuks for “Husband’s Side Chick,” and Tee Kuro for “Nollywood Epic Love Story Parody (The Finale).”

However, it was Elozonam and KieKie’s creative genius and their ability to establish a genuine connection with audiences through their unique content that set them apart from the competition.

Their series “Back From The Future” captivated viewers with its clever humour, relatability, and engaging storytelling. Elozonam and KieKie’s impeccable chemistry and their ability to infuse their content with a perfect blend of entertainment and meaningful messages resonated with their growing fanbase.

The recognition of Elozonam and KieKie as the Best Online Social Content Creators at the AMVCA 2023 highlights the power and influence of digital platforms in shaping the entertainment landscape. Their remarkable achievement not only celebrates their individual talents but also acknowledges the ever-expanding realm of online content creation in Africa.


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