AMVCA: New Headies Awards

AMVCA: New Headies Awards?

11 months ago
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The African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

However, in recent times, there has been a growing concern about the credibility of these awards. The decision to open all categories to public voting has raised eyebrows and is seen by many as a move that diminishes the once-revered status of the AMVCA.

Awards in the entertainment industry, are traditionally decided by a panel of experts who evaluate the artistic merit and technical excellence of the nominees.

This measure ensures that winners are recognized based on their skills and contributions to their respective fields. The AMVCA 2023 edition heightened this concern. Despite having a significant number of nominations, Shanty Town, a captivating series, only managed to secure one win out of its 11 nominations.

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The absence of recognition in multiple categories left many stunned. Chidi Mokeme’s outstanding performance in the series, deserving of the Best Actor award, went unnoticed, leaving fans and critics bewildered.

The Best Actress category was another battleground, with seasoned performers like Nse Ikpe-Etim and emerging talents like Bimbo Ademoye and Scarlet Gomez vying for the coveted title.

However, it was Osas Ighodaro who emerged as the victor, surprising both the audience and herself. This unexpected win will undoubtedly spark conversations in the industry for some time to come.

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The case of The Trade, a hidden gem in the AMVCA nominations, highlights the discrepancies in the awards. With exceptional acting, a talented cast, and compelling storytelling, The Trade had all the ingredients for a remarkable film.

Blossom Chukwujekwu’s transformative performance in the movie was hailed as his best to date. Unfortunately, despite receiving four nominations, The Trade left the ceremony empty-handed, leaving many disappointed.

While the AMVCA’s decision to involve the public in the voting process aims to engage audiences and create excitement, it also poses the risk of transforming the awards into a popularity contest rather than a celebration of artistic excellence.

It becomes imperative for the organizers to strike a balance between public opinion and expert judgment to maintain the credibility and integrity of the awards.

It is worth noting that this decline in award credibility is not an isolated incident in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The Headies Awards, once hailed as the pinnacle of recognition for Nigerian musicians, has also faced its fair share of controversies. The infamous drama between Olamide and Don Jazzy in 2015 over the Next Rated category significantly tarnished the reputation and value of the Headies.

As industry stakeholders, we must reflect on these developments and seek to preserve the integrity of our awards. The recognition of talent should be based on merit, expertise, and the impact individuals and projects have on the industry. While public participation is essential, it should not overshadow the judgment of experts in the field.

The AMVCA, like the Headies Awards, has an opportunity to reclaim its former glory by reassessing its voting system and striking a balance that ensures deserving artists are duly rewarded. The credibility and prestige of these awards depend on the ability to acknowledge the talent, honour excellence, and remain true to the core


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AMVCA: New Headies Awards

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