Adeboye Predicts the Return of Stronger Naira, Calls for Faith in ‘God of Miracles’

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The General Overseer Of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, stirred hope among congregants by prophesying the imminent return of days when the Nigerian naira will outshine the American dollar.

He gave this spiritually charged address during the September Thanksgiving Service at the church’s National Headquarters in Lagos.

Adeboye’s declaration came during a sermon titled ‘Uncommon Miracles,’ where he recounted personal experiences of remarkable financial blessings in the early days of his leadership in the church.

As Nigerians grapple with economic uncertainties, Adeboye’s words serve as a reminder of the power of faith and belief in a brighter financial future.

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Whether or not his prediction comes to fruition, his message resonates with a nation seeking hope amidst financial challenges.

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He nostalgically reminisced about a time when the Nigerian naira held more value and purchasing power compared to the U.S. dollar.

He boldly declared, “When the naira was stronger than the dollar; don’t worry, those days will return,” prompting a somewhat hesitant “Amen” from the congregation.

However, sensing doubt, he reassured the audience, saying, “Oh! I know you don’t believe me. If the Lord I serve is still on the throne, those glorious days will return. Maybe when that happens, you will know that there is a God of miracles.”

Adeboye’s message comes when the Nigerian naira is facing significant challenges in the foreign exchange market, currently exchanging between N915 and N918 to a U.S. dollar on the black market.

The continuous devaluation of the naira has had a substantial impact on businesses and the cost of living, especially following the Federal Government’s removal of fuel subsidies.

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The clergy’s optimistic proclamation brings a fresh perspective to the economic concerns plaguing Nigeria. While the naira’s decline against the dollar has been a source of worry for many, Adeboye’s message seeks to instill faith in divine intervention and the potential for a miraculous financial turnaround.


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