Lagos State governorship candidate of the Action Alliance, Tope AbdurRazaq Balogun, and the State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Photo Credit: This Day and Vanguard

AA Governorship Candidate Tackles Sanwo-Olu Over Lagos Bus Drivers’ Protest 

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The Lagos State governorship candidate of the Action Alliance (AA), Tope AbdurRazaq Balogun, has condemned Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s government for snubbing the complaints of Lagos commercial bus drivers.

Prime Business Africa had reported that the commercial drivers began their seven days protest on Monday, although this publication noticed that public transportation business continued as usual in some parts of Lagos. 

Lagos commercial bus drivers said the workers of the park management within the state are extorting them, demanding money at every park. 

According to the Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria (JDWAN), they won a court case against the state government over the demand for money, with the judge ordering the park management to halt collections. 

However, JDWAN said the park management has ignored the court order, and also snubbed their demands.

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In response to the protest by the drivers, Balogun said, “ It is unfortunate that the plights of the common man are continuously being overlooked despite being the most populous among the two divides of the society.” 

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He further stated that, “The actions of the leaders regarding the agitations of the drivers association on the issue of uncontrolled extortion speak volume on how much they care less about the comfort of residents of the state. 

“It is pertinent to note that the park management committee has a mandate to regularize activities of their staff such that all illegalities and activities of those not associated with them can be curbed by the appropriate authorities. 

“Unfortunately, this body put up by the state government to help avert the pains associated with the extortions going on within the state under different garb overlooked the advocacy for justice sort by the drivers union but resolved to ridicule and threat according to the president of the drivers association.

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“The effects of the avoidable strike going on presently in relation to the economic situation of the masses, companies, organizations and the government has led to loss of millions of naira which will continue to increase the hardship being experienced by the residents from many failed sectors of the economy. 

“This strike action is avoidable if the government gave its assurances that they will genuinely regularize the toll collections and stop the extortions. Alas! They feigned impossibility when in truth they are only unwilling.” part of the statement reads.

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