NDLEA nabs farmers of cannabis in Edo State

3 years ago
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By Blessing Okesola

Recall that, Nigeria House of Representatives spokesman Benjamin Kalu has called for the legalisation of cannabis in Nigeria in June, 2021, while he was talking with journalists in a press conference in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, Nigeria.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA), 1935 and Indian Hemp Act (IHA), 1966, it is a criminal offence to plant, harvest and consume cannabis in Nigeria.

The trade of the substance which is projected to hit about $90billion in five years was thrown under the carpet by the NDLEA through its Director of Media and Advocacy, Femi Babafemi as at the time when Benjamin Kalu said it. He said: “When it becomes easily available, you will have a generation of addicts to deal with. Legalising it will also make us be dealing with cases of mental disorder and work accident.
Also, Medical experts have also argued that taking marijuana affects sexual potency in men, and alters the menstrual cycle of women.”

Just recently: About 7 farmers were arrested on their farms by the NDLEA during an operation by personnels in NDLEA Ughieudu Uhumwonde local government area of Edo state.

The Principal Staff Officer (PSO) operations- Mr. Kennedy Obedeke, Edo state command told journalist that those cannabis farmer were discovered through intelligence.

Mr Kennedy said that the operation to apprehend the suspected cannabis farmers had been ongoing since on Wednesday. Adding that NDLEA will not relent in the fight against illicit drugs in Nigeria.

One of the suspects that claimed to be the manager of the farm told journalists that he was being paid N120,000 annually by the owner of the farms.


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