25 Visa-Free, Visa-On-Arrival Countries For Nigerians
25 Visa-Free, Visa-On-Arrival Countries For Nigerians. Photo Credit: Quora

25 Visa-Free, Visa-On-Arrival Countries For Nigerians

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Are you looking to Japa (local parlance for escape) from the current economic hardship in Nigeria and cool off in a different country without going through the rigorous process of securing a visa first?

Well, you are in luck, as there are 25 countries, on different continents, you can visit with a Nigerian passport without securing a visa.

These visa-free countries reduce your travel costs, eliminating the need to apply and pay for a visa or hire a travel agency solely for obtaining a visa.

With these visa-free countries, the only thing you need a travel agency for is to process your accommodation, car hire or sightseeing in your preferred destination. 

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Prime Business Africa compiled these visa-free countries for Nigerians to save you time from surfing the whole of Google searching for the country that will allow you in without a visa. 

Visa-free countries for Nigerians

  1. Cook Islands 
  2. Dominica 
  3. The Gambia 
  4. Barbados 
  5. Saint Kitts and Nevis 
  6. Cote d’Ivoire 
  7. Guinea-Bissau 
  8. Senegal 
  9. Haiti 
  10. Burkina Faso 
  11. Cape Verde 
  12. Ghana 
  13. Chad 
  14. Benin 
  15. Sierra Leone 
  16. Togo 
  17. Vanuatu 
  18. Liberia 
  19. Mali 
  20. Niger 
  21. Guinea 
  22. Cameroon 
  23. Montserrat 
  24. Niue 
  25.  Fiji 

25 visa-on-arrival countries for Nigerians

In case the visa-free countries are not suitable for you, don’t stress, as there are border gate visa countries you can travel to without first securing a visa until you arrive. 

However, these nations require you to obtain a visa upon arrival in their countries, so you don’t have to submit yourself to a painstaking process of interviews in Nigeria just to obtain their visas. 

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Some countries have a visa-on-arrival system to ease foreigners’ travel process and make their nation the go-to for tourists or people seeking to migrate. 

So, if you are ready to seek a new destination away from Nigeria, the following are visa-on-arrival countries you can visit. 

  1. Seychelles 
  2. Mauritius 
  3. Bolivia 
  4. Maldives 
  5. Comoros 
  6. Madagascar 
  7. Uganda 
  8. Djibouti 
  9. Ethiopia 
  10. Gabon 
  11. Tuvalu 
  12. Mauritania 
  13. Iran 
  14. Kenya 
  15. Samoa 
  16. Lebanon 
  17. Suriname
  18. Malawi 
  19. Somalia 
  20. Mozambique 
  21. Namibia 
  22. Palau 
  23. Rwanda 
  24. Lesotho 
  25. Timor-Leste

For Nigerian travelers aiming to explore countries with pre-arranged visa rules, a modest ensemble of documents is in demand. Depending on the chosen destination, the symphony of prerequisites may sing a different tune. Nonetheless, the following harmonies are almost universally required:

  1. A living Nigerian passport (and its shadow, a photocopy). Some lands desire your passport’s note to resonate for more than six months beyond your exit from their realm.
  2. 2. An elegantly filled visa application manuscript.
  3. Portraits portraying your present self, no older than half a year.
  4. A healthcare sonnet enveloping your entire sojourn.
  5. A receipt as evidence of your visa fee’s lyrical payment.
  6. A comprehensive travel script disclosing all the stages of your voyage.
  7. A parchment of invitation, should the occasion warrant its presence.
  8. A composed duet of homeward flight reservation proof.
  9. A confirmation of harmonious abode arrangement.
  10. Financial arias assuring your treasury’s embrace of the forthcoming journey.
  11. Documents of civil status (marital scores, birth ballads, and such).


What to know about visa-free countries

Visa-free application is based on the agreement between two countries. If Nigeria doesn’t have a visa-free agreement with a country, as a Nigerian citizen, you need to first secure the visa for your preferred destination. 

That’s why countries like the United States, Canada, Britain and other Western countries are not on the list, as there’s no visa-free agreement between them and Nigeria. 

What are the benefits of a visa-free? 

  • It eliminates the application process by an embassy or representing body. 
  • When you arrive at your destination, visa-free gets you off the queues at border control. 
  • Authorities do not necessarily demand confidential information. 
  • If you are a spontaneous person, then visa-free countries are right for you due to their little or no bottlenecks 
  • You don’t need a block account to support your travel to these countries 
  • You don’t have to submit letters of support from friends and employers or bank statements 

Problem with visa-free application? 

While visa-free countries ease your travelling process, they can also be costly for tourists, people travelling to the countries for business or in transit. 

This is because some visa-free nations demand a high sum for every day you stay in their country in a bid to discourage travellers from residing there for too long. 

Which country has the most visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry? 

According to the Henley Passport Index, a Japanese passport can be used to enter 193 different countries and territories before securing a visa, making Japan the most powerful passport in the world in 2023. 

Japan is followed by South Korea, as its passport holders can enter 192 countries on visa-free. The third place is occupied by German and Spanish passports, which allow holders to gain entrance to 190 countries. 

Italian, Luxembourgish and Finnish passports took the fourth spot with 189 destinations, while passports from Sweden, Austria, Netherlands and Denmark allow 188 entries, making them the fifth most powerful passports. 

In the sixth position are Britain, Portugal, France and Ireland, as holders of their passports get 187 visa-free destinations. 

Surprisingly, the US passport falls behind them with only 186 visa-free destinations, while passports of Australian and Canadian jointly take the eighth spots as 185 countries allow holders of the nations’ passports to enter without a visa.

Which Caribbean country is visa free for Nigeria?

One Caribbean country that is visa free for Nigerians is the Dominican Republic


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