2023 Elections: Make February 25 A Day Of National Deliverance
2023 Elections: Make February 25 A Day Of National Deliverance

2023 Elections: Make February 25 A Day Of National Deliverance

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History beckons on February 25. It presents us with a golden opportunity to contribute to defining governance and making or marrying Nigeria’s democracy. The ramifications of this date wrestle with the being and well-being of this potentially great nation, Nigeria. It is a day to make a bold statement: enough is enough. It has to be a new dawn of a people-centred politics of development. To make that day a day of family and national deliverance and liberation, all men and women of goodwill have to make a clear statement with their votes.

The presence of economic bandits, political hoodlums and unknown financial terrorists in the parlour and corridors of power has dealt a lethal blow to the health of this nation. Nigeria is beyond a country in distress; it is a nation in a dungeon waiting to be buried. Unfortunately, some of the persons seeking to be the president in this current political dispensation are competing to be the undertakers of Nigeria. They are out to bury Nigeria. The current situation is supposed to be a sufficient warrant to provoke the citizens to rise and take back their country. Happily, with obedience to the Word of God and good conscience, the citizens can vote for renaissance, renewal and production in defiance of the culture of consumerism. The votes on February 25 will be for producer, rather than consumer, consciousness.

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The active participation of Christians will enable us to vote for good candidates that will positively transform our nation, for Nigeria “waits for the revelation of the children of God” (Rom. 8:19). The choices we make today can lead us to a great morning of peace, progress and prosperity or lead us to a greater depth in suffering, deprivation and calamity. Therefore, this piece entreats you to contribute your quota in making February 25 a day of family liberation and national deliverance. Prayer is beyond lip service; it is basically a life service in which one matches words with works, good words with good works. So, apart from) praying for a better Nigeria, Christians have to mobilise everyone within their spheres of influence to vote for a candidate that will work for the greater good of fathers, mothers and children. The mobilisation will target the lethargic, indifferent, violent and brainwashed individuals so they see reasons to participate actively. They should be made to understand that no one rejects a low-hanging fruit for a hoped-for fruit out of immediate reach. The low-hanging fruit should be the starting point for working for a perfect society we all desire. As such, this election should be seen as an answered prayer. God has come to wipe away the tears of His children after decades of prayer for a Nigeria in distress.

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There are many things to focus on, but these are indispensable:

  • No violence
  • No money politics (selling of votes)
  • No apathy
  • Being sure to stay at your polling unit till the votes are counted
  • Not being a party to political thuggery
  • Mobilising your family, friends and folks within your sphere of contact
  • Following the voting instructions strictly to avoid invalidating one’s vote.

It is within our reach to make February 25 a day of family liberation and national deliverance if we do the needful. So let’s rise and take back our country, for the solution is here. We have to move from consumption to production to survive, thrive and flourish. So be it that the labours of our heroes may not be in vain. May papa, mama and ‘pikin’ be liberated through our votes on that day.

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