Youth And Modern Tech Skills: Pathway To Sustainability

Youth And Modern Tech Skills: Pathway To Sustainability

5 days ago
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In today’s digital age, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, young people are at the forefront of the revolution as they grow with it.

Analysts have averred that with the dynamics of the 21st century, acquisition of various tech skills by youth has become a necessity to enable them navigate the digital world. Therefore, embracing it as student and remaining focused and consistent has been considered a pathway to sustainability in the job market going forward.

Enunwa Franklin Olisaemeka, a final year Computer and Robotics Education student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), exemplifies the intersection of academia and technology.

As a Software Developer, he shared insights into his three-year journey, navigating the challenges of balancing academics with the demands of tech skills acquisition. From juggling coursework to investing in skill development, also on the financial and academic hurdles integral to his growth as a software developer.

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He further elaborated on his experiences working remotely for a tech startup and undertaking a variety of projects, some of which he mentioned are confidential, while others are for corporate entities. “I have reaped alot of benefits from the tech industry, particularly the exposure to diverse individuals and the financial opportunities it affords,” Franklin said.

He detailed his methods for skill maintenance, which entail accepting constructive criticism, learning from mentors and supervisors, exploring new technologies and tools, and conducting extensive research.

Vincent Chibuike who is also a student of UNN, sheds more light on the power of embracing technology. He said: “I ventured into the tech realm just a year ago, and I am pursuing a structured curriculum to acquire essential technical skills.” His coursework primarily focused on front-end web development, and back-end web development, with full-stack web development as the cornerstone of his studies.”

He also revealed that the abundance of options in learning a tech skill can overwhelm individuals, often leading to the temptation of mastering multiple disciplines. However, such a scattered approach rarely yields success. In the tech realm, specialization is key. Focusing on a single course and mastering it thoroughly is the pathway to success.

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Moreover, the journey in tech is riddled with challenges. Debugging, for instance, is a fundamental skill, as success hinges on the ability to solve intricate problems, often manifested as algorithms. Consistency in program development is also crucial, as it contributes to building a robust portfolio.

Furthermore, documenting one’s projects is paramount. Platforms like GitHub serve as digital repositories, akin to a curriculum vitae, showcasing an individual’s productivity and expertise. When applying to tech companies, directing them to your GitHub account offers a comprehensive insight into your capabilities and accomplishments.

Mastering technological skills fosters innovation and equips individuals with problem-solving abilities applicable to everyday challenges. The job market, too, recognizes the value of young talents capable of addressing the evolving needs of our society.

Kelechi Blessing Ezeanochie

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