Why Reducing Cabinet Will Affect Performance – Tinubu To CAN

4 months ago
1 min read

President Bola Tinubu defended his decision to maintain a large cabinet of 47 ministers, saying it a strategic move for efficient governance.

Amid criticisms, Tinubu in an address at the Aso Rock Villa cautioned against the reduction of ministries, emphasizing the potential risk of non-performance and diminished results.

“If you combine too many ministries because you want to save money, you will have a future of non-performance and no results,” warned Tinubu during a meeting with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

The Nigerian leader acknowledged the criticisms surrounding the size of his cabinet but argued that merging portfolios could overwhelm officials, hindering their ability to deliver effectively.

Drawing a distinction from his predecessors, he justified his choice, stating, “If you want efficient, mobile, and resourceful people, we have to give people a load they can carry.”

The President further stressed the vital role of faith leaders, urging the Christian Association of Nigeria to promote tolerance and hope among Nigerians.

He reaffirmed his commitment to combating corruption and other societal vices, emphasizing the need for a collective effort to secure a prosperous future for all citizens.

Addressing the clergy, Tinubu called for support in the fight against corruption, encouraging a change of mindset regarding money-related matters. He expressed openness to feedback and suggestions, maintaining an open-door policy for constructive dialogue.

CAN President, Daniel Okoh, lauded Tinubu’s leadership, expressing confidence in his ability to address the nation’s challenges.

The religious leader pledged support, emphasizing their non-partisan stance and willingness to collaborate in nation-building.

In a political landscape where past leaders opted for smaller cabinets, President Tinubu’s unique approach sparks a debate on the trade-off between efficiency and financial prudence, as the nation navigates its course under his administration.


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