Why I Visited Tinubu -Soyinka Reveals 7-Point Agenda Discussion

Why I Visited Tinubu – Soyinka, Reveals 7-Point Agenda Discussion

7 months ago
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Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, who visited President Bola Tinubu on Sunday in Ikoyi, Lagos, said he would allow the administration to reach one year before criticizing it.

Speaking after the visit to President Tinubu who is on Christmas vacation in Lagos, Soyinka said it has been his longstanding practice, with past presidents and heads of state. “I have this personal policy; whether it’s Obasanjo, Buhari, or Jonathan, during the first year, I hardly say anything,” Soyinka stated.

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Defending his rationale, he explained, “They often start even lower than ground zero and have to make up. At the end of one year, ask me this question.”

The renowned Professor of Literature revealed having advised Tinubu against running for office years ago, referring to the President as “olorikunkun,” meaning a stubborn man, for ignoring his counsel. Soyinka clarified, “I came to see how he’s doing after neglecting my advice… as a friend.”

When questioned about the potential achievements he hopes for in Tinubu’s administration, Soyinka disclosed a significant development: “I came here with a seven-point agenda, and we had a very thorough discussion on those items.” This revelation hinted at a broader collaboration or vision between Soyinka and the President for future governmental actions.

Soyinka emphasized the necessity to avoid premature judgments, citing his respect for the challenge Nigerian leaders face, commencing their leadership journeys from below ground zero.

The Professor’s nuanced stance invites anticipation for the unfolding dynamics between the Nobel Laureate and the Tinubu government in the forthcoming year.


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