2023 Elections: Why Coalition Of Parties Won’t Work – Sowore

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Presidential aspirant of the African Action Congress (AAP) Omoyele Sowore on Tuesday bared his minds on the topical issue of party coalition and his plans to be Nigeria’s democratically elected President in the 2023 Elections.

Sowore was guest on Arise TV’s The Morning Show and in a no-holds-barred interview with the Arise crew  monitored by Prime Business Africa spoke extensively on why Nigerians need what he called “Coalition of the oppressed.”

“The salary of the President for 4 years is 56m Naira. If you’re not going there to steal, how will you get the 100m naira to purchase the presidential form only to collect half of it in 4 years,” the human rights activist said in response to the purchase of nomination forms by a plethora of aspirants.

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When asked by one of the presenters to be specific about his agenda, Sowore responded thus: “I’m the only presidential candidate that has a website. All the answers are there,” hinting that he will not disclose much so that “jealous” opponents will not steal his ideas.

Speaking on party coalition, Sowore said:” I want to correct the impression you created that the APC Coalition was successful. If it succeeded, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

“It was one criminal set of people ousting another criminal set. That’s what I will tell you.

“In terms of our political party, we’re willing to join hands with Nigerians anywhere, whether in other organised political parties, movements or individuals we want to come together.

“We don’t want to label it Coalition because these things are very tenuous. Sometimes it’s also very deceitful to say you are going into Coalition or parties that you created yourselves.

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One of the reasons I pulled out of the pact after the first meeting was because we went into a meeting of about 16 presidential aspirants. I never met a lot of them before and it turned out that most of them were from the same political party.

Sowore who had a face off with the Federal government over his agitations for an Oduduwa nation which culminated in his arrest in Benin Republic on his way to Germany pointed accusing fingers at those he said had ulterior motives.

“They were brought together to attend that meeting with the purpose of rigging the outcome of that process and I pulled out after the first meeting because I was clever enough to see through what they were about to peprtrate.

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“So I’m not going into any coalition with just anyhow party or anyhow person just because I want to create an impression,” Sowore stressed urging Nigerians not to fall prey of the antics of such desperate politicians.

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