Verified Twitter Content Creators To Start Sharing Ad Revenue

Verified Twitter Content Creators To Start Sharing Ad Revenue

1 year ago
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In a bid to draw more content creators, popular social media platform, Twitter, has decided to be sharing advertising revenue with verified content creators.

The microblogging platform made this known on Thursday, saying that content creators will begin to get a share of the revenue from ads displayed in replies to their content.

The platform said this is part of its efforts to help people earn money directly on Twitter to take care of their basic needs.

“Creators will be able to sign up for ads revenue sharing and creator subscriptions independently,” it said.

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Who is Eligible for Twitter Ad Revenue?

According to Twitter, not all types of content creators are eligible to share advertising revenue with the company.

It said that to be eligible the creators must be verified users with at least five million impressions on each of their posts for the last three months and they must also have a Stripe payment account.

Contents not eligible for ad revenue

The platform also indicated that there are contents not eligible for sharing Twitter ad revenues.

Such contents include those depicting violence (death, serious injury or excessive bloodshed, torture, extreme body modification); criminal behaviours (such as child abuse and sexual depiction of minors; human or animal abuse, or advocacy of harm to humans or animals; human trafficking; piracy and copyright infringement, and sexual-related acts.

Also, the Twitter content monetization policy does not apply to content promoting gambling, betting, lottery, or raffle products and services, drugs and alcohol, weapons and explosives.

“Twitter also won’t allow creators to monetise content about “pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes” (looking at you, crypto spammers), violence, criminal behaviours, gambling, prescription drugs, Tobacco and alcohol.”

“If a creator tries to monetise copyrighted content that they do not own, that’s also a red flag,” Twitter said.

Since the Billionaire tech investor, Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, the microblogging platform has undergone radical changes to make it a profitable business. Part of the changes have focused on improving Twitter’s bottom line and promoting citizen journalism. The latest is enabling creators on the social media platform to monetize their content.


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