Valentine Ozigbo Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Unizik Students

Valentine Ozigbo Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Unizik Students

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In a compelling session at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, renowned businessman, philanthropist, and politician, Valentine Ozigbo illuminated the pathway to success for students during the 2023 Unizik Students Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

The event, orchestrated by the Vice President of the Student Union Government (SUG) and staged at the Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies in Awka, took on the theme “Pathway to Possibilities: Nurturing Dreams Through Knowledge.”

Valentine Ozigbo Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Unizik Students


It aimed to instill entrepreneurial acumen and inspire students to chase their aspirations armed with knowledge.

Students were immersed in a dynamic exchange with Ozigbo, the luminary behind the Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (VCO) Foundation. Their queries ranged from personal success emulation to effective time management and a plea for his future political involvement.

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Ezechukwu Casmir, exuding admiration, sought guidance in replicating Ozigbo’s accomplishments, while Innocent Okafor, captivated by Ozigbo’s profile, delved into the maestro’s time management secrets, leaving a call for his political engagement.

Valentine Ozigbo Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit In Unizik Students

Ozigbo, recently appointed as a Non-Executive Director at the World Freestyle Football Association, emphasized the nexus between hard work, divine grace, and career milestones.

“Success is not merely an endpoint but a journey filled with challenges conquered through knowledge,” Ozigbo imparted. “Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is akin to possessing a compass directing your trajectory. Leverage strengths and refine weaknesses, for they foster personal growth silently.”

Addressing emotional intelligence as a cornerstone for success, Ozigbo extolled its significance, advocating for adaptability, sociability, and the lasting impressions left on others.

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Valentine Ozigbo Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Unizik Students

“Emotional intelligence propels us forward in unseen ways, surpassing intellectual prowess. Adaptability isn’t just a skill; it’s a superpower,” Ozigbo emphasized, elucidating the essence of resilience.

Distinguished guests, including Prof. Stella Okunna, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Paul University, graced the occasion. The pinnacle moment culminated in Ozigbo receiving an esteemed humanitarian award, acknowledging his support for youth empowerment in Anambra State and beyond.

This event was a watershed in nurturing the next cadre of leaders and entrepreneurs, offering a roadmap drawn from Ozigbo’s insights for students eager to etch their mark in diverse arenas.

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