US Seeks Expanded Trade Ties With Nigeria
American and Nigerian flags fly next to each other in the center of Abuja August 24, 2000. US President Bill Clinton is to arrive in Nigeria for a two-day official state visit this Saturday. PA/JRE - RP2DRICRVCAA

US Seeks Expanded Trade Ties With Nigeria

2 months ago
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The United States Consulate in Nigeria is on a mission to bolster trade relations with Nigeria, emphasizing prosperity for both nations.

Mike Ervin, Political and Economic Section Chief of the US Consulate in Lagos, underscored this commitment during a visit to Abia State, where he engaged with Governor Alex Otti.

“Our aim is to foster bilateral trade and investment, ensuring shared prosperity between the United States and Nigeria,” Ervin affirmed.

Highlighting the longstanding partnership between the two nations, Ervin referenced Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s recent visit to Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of strengthening US-Nigeria relations.

“Our people share a rich history of collaboration, and we are dedicated to expanding this relationship to enhance prosperity,” Ervin stated.

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Expressing gratitude to Governor Otti for facilitating discussions, Ervin reiterated Secretary Blinken’s message of fostering shared prosperity.

In response, Governor Otti appealed for support from the US consulate to enhance trade, investment, and other critical sectors in Abia State.

Acknowledging challenges faced by the state, Otti highlighted issues such as access to finance, power, and logistical support in the digital economy realm.

He also expressed optimism about addressing the power supply challenges in Aba with the upcoming inauguration of the Geometric power plant, a development to be presided over by President Bola Tinubu.

Otti emphasized Abia State’s significance as a key trading and industrial hub in Nigeria, particularly noting Aba’s prominence in shoe manufacturing and garment production.

Despite past setbacks due to infrastructural deficiencies, Otti noted the state’s efforts in infrastructure rehabilitation, particularly in Aba, the commercial center.

“In the past, infrastructural decay hindered our progress. However, in the last eight months, we’ve prioritized road rehabilitation and security, leading to a resurgence of businesses,” Otti remarked.

The dialogue between the US consulate and Abia State signifies a mutual commitment to fostering economic growth and prosperity, reflecting broader efforts to strengthen US-Nigeria ties.


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