US Professors In Minnesota, North Darkota Varsities Lead Advert Sales Training At Prime Business Africa

US Professors In Minnesota, North Darkota Varsities Lead Advert Sales Training At Prime Business Africa

PBA, a multimedia Business and socio-political news platform, acquired over a million more users in one year and looking to grow revenue through advert sales and related services
2 years ago
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For media workers to acquire more skills in specific areas of interest, Newstide Publications Limited is organising a webinar on Advertising Sales, with at least three US professors leading the process.

The two-hour training which will have in attendance the entire staff of  Newstide’s online newspaper, Prime Business Africa (PBA), is  scheduled to hold on Friday October 14, 2022.

Three seasoned professionals, with expertise in Advertising, Social Media and general Marketing Communications, as lead resource persons are: Prof. Charles Okigbo (Professor emeritus), Dr. Kay Beckermann (Professor of Advertising and Social Media, Minnesota State University), and Dr. Elizabeth Crawford Jackson (Professor of Advertising, North Dakota State University).

Specifically, the training will cover the following topic areas: General Principles of Media Advertising Sales; The 10 Laws of Media Sales; The Digital Media Revolution; Strategies for Social Media Sales; Tools For Research; Persuasion and Personal Selling.

Other thematic areas to look at during the two-hour webinar include: Marketing concept, advertising, Public Relations, the mass media, Online Media, Personal Selling and Sales Concept, The Strategic Challenge, Trend Analysis, and Prospect Research.

Dr. Kay Beckermann will lead on Social Media and Advertising, while Dr Elizabeth Crawford Jackson will lead in Advertising Planning.

The training is in recognition of the fact that commercial media, whether legacy or new social media, exist largely because of their audiences. The size and characteristics of the audiences determine the performance of these media as business enterprises.

In the special case of online media such as Prime Business Africa, with no subscription or paywall, success or failure is entirely dependent on advertising revenue, hence the imperative for the staff to become adept at marketing and sales.

Commenting on the training, the Chief Executive Officer/Editor-in-chief of Newstide Publications Limited, Dr Marcel Mbamalu, said it is part of capacity building efforts of the company for staff to ensure seamless and smooth operations in the 21st century media industry. ”The skill set and  synergy required to produce revenue-boosting efficiency lies in training,” Dr Mbamalu said.

Ms Loveth Ugwu, the Executive Assistant at Newstide said: ”Journalists and the entire staff of Prime Business Africa believe in skill-set acquisition and capacity development as bedrock of productivity; so, training and retraining is a mantra at PBA.”

According to Ugwu, ”Newstide Publications Limited, as a parent company to PBA,  is also a training agent and it’s committed 100 percent to in-house capacity building so that it can continue to render top-of-the class training services to its ever-growing clientele.”  

”Newstide Publications Limited, publishers of Prime Business Africa,” Ugwu noted, ”is a multimedia platform that also offers services like Event Planning and Management/Consulting, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Podcast and Documentary/Voice-over Services, Special Reports, Newsletters and Brochure production.”

Other services are Internet advertising, branding, photography and cinematography, web design, and video animation.


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