Qatar Airways Boeing Flight Loses Height To 800ft, Minutes After Take-off,
Qatar Airways Boeing Flight Loses Height To 800ft, Minutes After Take-off,

UPDATED: How Qatar Airways Boeing Flight Lost Height To Just 800ft Minutes After Take-off

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There were global concerns in the early morning hours of January 10, when Qatar Airways Flight 161  departed Doha bound for Copenhagen but lost height down to some 800 feet. But fresh facts have emerged explaining exactly what happened one month ago.

Prime Business Africa reports that the incident occurred at exactly 22.59 UTC (01.59 local time) on January 10. The Flight 161, a Boeing 787-8 aircraft had lifted off the Hamad International Airports Runway 16L, climbing for an altitude of over 1850 feet AMSL at 23:01:04Z.864 before descending two minutes later.

The flight had descended to just 800 feet before recovering and climbing again. The airline authorities, in a statement, confirmed that the  flight arrived in Copenhagen six hours later.

Statement from Qatar Airways:

“Qatar Airways is aware of an event relating to Flight QR161 operating Doha to Copenhagen on January 10, 2023. It was immediately reported to authorities and an internal investigation id being carried out. The airline follows the most stringent standards of safety, training and reporting and is working to address any findings in line with industry norms.

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“Qatar Airways Flight 161 had lifted off the runway at 22:59:58Z.737 UTC, climbing for an altitude 1850 feet AMSL at 23:01:04Z.864. Turning left, the aircraft then descended to as low as 800 feet at 23:01:33Z.374 before it climbed again. At points during the 28 second period the aircraft was descending, it reached vertical rates of more than -3000 feet per minute.

The aircraft operating flight 161 was a Boeing 787-8 registered A7-BCO. The 787 was delivered new to Qatar Airways in 2014.”


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