David Greene, the nation's chargé d'affaires in Nigeria

United States Denies Plans To Relocate Military Base To Nigeria

1 week ago
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The United States has refuted rumors regarding the relocation of its military base in the Sahel to Nigeria.

David Greene, the nation’s chargé d’affaires in Nigeria, clarified the matter during an interview with TVC news on Tuesday.

He expressed unawareness of any such plans, questioning the purpose behind stirring up such claims.

“I am not aware of any such conversation, and I am not really sure whose purpose it serves to agitate on this point,” Greene stated.

He emphasized the enduring strength of the bilateral ties between the two nations, particularly in terms of security cooperation.

“We will continue our very strong security cooperation with the Nigerian security services, the Nigerian military, and the Nigerian government, and that will always be in a spirit of partnership and respect for each other,” he affirmed.

Greene highlighted the existing assistance agreement between the US and Nigeria, spanning five years with a budget of approximately $2.5 billion. He emphasized the significant focus on humanitarian assistance within this agreement.

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“We are very proud of the cooperation that we pursue through it,” Greene remarked.

Recent concerns raised by northern leaders regarding potential military base agreements with the United States and France were also addressed. These leaders, including Abubakar Mohammed, Kabiru Chafe, Attahiru Jega, Jibrin Ibrahim, Auwal Rafsanjani, and YZ Ya’u, had voiced apprehensions in an open letter to President Bola Tinubu.

The northern elders’ caution came amidst reports of lobbying efforts by France and the United States for defense pacts with Nigeria and other Gulf of Guinea countries. This lobbying activity is purportedly prompted by the expulsion of French and American troops from Niger, as well as the suspension of a military agreement between Niger and the United States.

The charged atmosphere in Mali and Burkina Faso, coupled with the desire for strategic alliances in the Gulf of Guinea, has fueled these diplomatic maneuvers.

In light of these developments, Greene’s statements aim to allay fears and reaffirm the commitment of the United States to its existing partnerships in the region.


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