Unemployment Registration Begins In Lagos

Unemployment Registration Begins In Lagos

12 months ago
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The National Directorate of Employment (NDE), as mandated by the Federal Government, has commenced the registration of unemployed persons in Lagos State.

The registration exercise, which began on April 17 and will continue until April 28, 2023, is taking place at the NDE state office in Onike, Yaba, as well as in the 20 local government areas across the state.

The importance of this registration exercise lies in its potential to provide accurate data on the unemployment rate in the country. The unemployment rate is a crucial macroeconomic indicator that reflects the performance of an economy and holds policymakers and politicians accountable for their promises.

By registering the unemployed, the NDE aims to collect data that will enable the calculation of the unemployment rate, which is the percentage of people in the labour force who are without employment. Similar registration exercises have been conducted in Abia state and Niger state, and it is hoped that other states in the country will follow suit.

Mrs. Serena Edward, the Coordinator of the Lagos State NDE office, has urged all unemployed persons in Lagos State to take advantage of this opportunity and register at their designated local governments to benefit from the program.

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She emphasized that the federal government aims to obtain comprehensive data on the unemployed persons in the country in order to make adequate plans for them.

The NDE, established in 1986 by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was created to address the issue of mass unemployment and reduce the reliance on white-collar jobs that are insufficient for the increasing number of graduates each year.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate has been on the rise and is projected to worsen, with forecasts indicating that it may reach 37% by 2023, according to the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG). The group’s report, titled “Nigeria in Transition: Recipes for Shared Prosperity,” further predicts that the poverty rate in the country will increase to 45% and economic growth will be constrained due to low productivity in key sectors and investment strains.

The ongoing registration of unemployed persons in Lagos State by the NDE is a significant initiative by the federal government to gather data on the country’s unemployment rate and plan for effective job creation.

It is a crucial step towards addressing the issue of unemployment and providing opportunities for the teeming youth population in Nigeria. It is hoped that the data collected through this exercise will inform policies and programs that will contribute to reducing unemployment and promoting shared prosperity in the country.


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