UN Calls For Probe Into Alleged Human Rights Violations Against Palestinian Women By Israeli Forces

UN Calls For Probe Into Alleged Human Rights Violations Against Palestinian Women By Israeli Forces

3 months ago
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United Nations experts have demanded an inquiry into what they term “credible allegations of egregious human rights violations” against Palestinian women and girls in Gaza and the West Bank by Israeli forces.

The allegations encompass extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, degrading treatment, rape, and sexual violence.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released a statement on Monday outlining these concerns. While the specifics of their fact-finding methods weren’t detailed, they pointed to disturbing images purportedly showing female detainees subjected to degrading conditions, reportedly captured by Israeli troops and circulated online.

Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) swiftly refuted these accusations, asserting their adherence to international law. “Without precise details or proof of individual cases, we can’t examine them in depth,” the IDF stated in response to CNN’s inquiries.

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The Israel mission to the UN in Geneva vehemently rejected the claims, labeling them as “despicable and unfounded.” They emphasized that no complaints of abuse had been received, underscoring their readiness to investigate any credible allegations and evidence presented.

Amidst these assertions and denials, UN experts voiced their alarm over the “arbitrary detention” of numerous Palestinian women and girls following the October 7 Hamas attacks. Reports of “multiple forms of sexual assault” against them have also deeply concerned the international body.

The UN’s statement highlighted the distressing accounts of inhuman and degrading treatment, including denial of basic necessities like menstruation pads, food, and medicine, as well as severe beatings. Shockingly, some female detainees in Gaza were allegedly confined to a cage in adverse weather conditions without sustenance.

Moreover, reports emerged of sexual assault against Palestinian women and girls in detention, with allegations ranging from strip searches by male Israeli army officers to instances of rape and threats of sexual violence. The UN experts called on Israel to uphold the rights and dignity of Palestinian women and girls, urging for accountability and justice.

However, it’s essential to note that the UN and human rights organizations have faced criticism for their delayed response to similar reports of violence against Israelis, predominantly perpetrated by Hamas fighters.

In December, UN Women condemned the attacks, expressing alarm over the gender-based atrocities and sexual violence inflicted during the assaults. Nevertheless, Israel has accused the UN of remaining silent on the “horrific sexual violence and gender-based violence” perpetrated by Hamas since October 7.

As calls for an investigation intensify, the plight of Palestinian women and girls caught amid conflict underscores the pressing need for accountability and protection of their fundamental rights.


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