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Twitter: Elon Musk Announces Record-Breaking Monthly User Count For X

12 months ago
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Elon Musk, prominent entrepreneur has announced a record-breaking achievement for for Twitter after it rebranded its logo to X.

Surging to what Musk describes as a “new high,” X now boasts an impressive tally of over 540 million monthly users. This announcement comes amidst internal restructuring efforts and an earnest endeavor to revitalize advertising revenue, which experienced a recent downturn.

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Unveiling X’s Soaring User Base:

Through a post on X itself, Elon Musk unequivocally declared the formidable milestone attained by the platform, substantiating it with an illustrative graph. The company’s trajectory in terms of user engagement has been marked by an assertive claim from its executives, particularly in light of the competition posed by Meta Platforms’ launch of the competing platform Threads on July 5.

The Path to Triumph:

Preceding Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October, the platform registered a notable 229 million monthly active users in May 2022. Subsequently, in November, Musk proudly proclaimed X’s ascent to a commendable 259.4 million daily active users, signifying an unprecedented surge in user activity. With Musk at the helm, X swiftly initiated several product and organisational modifications, a notable one being the monetization of the verified blue tick, which now stands as a paid service. Moreover, in a strategic move, the platform embarked on revenue-sharing endeavors with selected content creators, bolstering its advertising prospects.

Linda Yaccarino’s Ascendance:

A pivotal juncture in X’s corporate trajectory ensued with Musk’s appointment of former NBC Universal advertising chief, Linda Yaccarino, as the CEO of the platform. This decision underscored the company’s zealous emphasis on fortifying ad sales, notwithstanding its parallel endeavors to heighten subscription revenue.

Financial Challenges and Legal Complications:
As Musk revealed earlier, X encountered negative cash flow attributed to a significant 50 percent dip in advertising revenue and an onerous debt burden. Regrettably, specifics concerning the implications of these financial strains were not disclosed.

Beyond financial complexities, the rebranding of Twitter as X might entail a labyrinth of legal intricacies. Notably, entities such as Meta and Microsoft already lay claim to intellectual property rights encompassing the letter ‘X.’ Considering its extensive usage and frequent citation in trademarks, X appears vulnerable to potential legal challenges. Consequently, the company, formerly identified as Twitter, may confront its own set of legal quandaries in safeguarding its X brand in the future.

Trademark Dilemma:
Trademark attorney Josh Gerben emphasized that Twitter is poised to face legal action from various quarters owing to its rebranding as X. Astoundingly, Gerben identified almost 900 active U.S. trademark registrations that have already secured the letter ‘X’ across diverse industries. This veritable ubiquity of the letter ‘X’ in existing trademarks may open avenues for infringement claims, leading to a range of remedies encompassing financial restitution or even the prevention of future usage.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s revelation regarding X’s meteoric rise to over 540 million monthly users has sparked immense interest within the digital sphere. The platform’s pursuit of innovative strategies to bolster ad revenue and subscription models highlights the aggressive pursuit of growth under Musk’s leadership. However, lurking beneath this triumph lies the potential for legal entanglements stemming from the rebranding itself. As events unfold, Twitter, now X, must navigate these complex legal waters with prudence and tact to safeguard its brand identity and preserve its newfound expanse of users.


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