Late Professor Charles Korede Ayo. Vice Chancellor of Trinity University.

Trinity University Senate Honors Late Vice Chancellor

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The members of the Senate of Trinity University have honored their late Vice Chancellor who died on the 2nd of August 2023.

A somber atmosphere enveloped the Foursquare International Church headquarters as friends, family, colleagues, and students gathered to pay their respects to the late Professor Charles Korede Ayo.

The former Vice Chancellor of Covenant University between 2012 and 2016, and the current Vice Chancellor of Trinity University was remembered for his exceptional contributions to education and his unyielding dedication to his students and colleagues.

It all began with a special Senate meeting organised by Trinity University on August 25th to commemorate the esteemed academic leader’s life. The church service followed suit, with touching remarks delivered by prominent figures who had been touched by Professor Ayo’s presence.

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Dr. Falade, Head of the Department of Computer and Information Science, conveyed the collective grief of those present. He remembered Professor Ayo as an academic giant, a mentor, and a beacon of peace and progress.

“He lived a life full of impact on the organisation he worked with and people close to him,” remarked Dr. Falade. He praised Professor Ayo’s qualities of generosity and compassion, comparing him to a benefactor who provides for those in need.

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Dr. Adetunji, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Applied Sciences, shared his personal connection with Professor Ayo, highlighting his exceptional leadership style and commitment to the university’s growth.

He recounted words of encouragement and motivation received from the late academic leader, emphasizing how they inspired him during challenging times.

Mr. Ayo Olayinka, the immediate Junior brother of the deceased, reflected on the life journey of his brother. He spoke about Professor Ayo’s determination to pursue education against all odds and his unwavering support for his family and friends. “He was ready to stand in for anyone,” Mr. Olayinka recalled. He expressed gratitude on behalf of the family for the outpouring of support and friendship during their time of mourning.

Professor Clement Kolawole, Acting Vice Chancellor of Trinity University, acknowledged Professor Ayo’s distinguished accomplishments and the impact he had on Trinity University’s growth. He invoked the memory of the late scholar as a distinguished man of intellect and faith, now joining the “saints triumphant.”

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Samuel O. Olatunji, Pro-Chancellor of Trinity University, recounted the immense progress achieved under Professor Ayo’s leadership. He highlighted the rapid growth of the university, its programs, and its reputation during his tenure. Olatunji hailed Professor Ayo’s integrity, confidence, and passion, suggesting that he had fulfilled his purpose on Earth.

In the church, Maureen Owa, a recent graduate of Trinity University, remembered Professor Ayo as a fatherly figure who believed in her abilities. She expressed the collective sentiment of the students, saying they would greatly miss his encouragement and guidance.

The message at the church service was delivered by Pastor Kayode Emmanuel Afolayan of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He emphasized the importance of reflecting on one’s life and the need for soul-searching.

He urged attendees to consider how they would be remembered and to draw lessons from biblical figures who started and finished well, those who started modestly but achieved greatness, and those who neither started nor ended well.



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