Top 15 Tools Necessary For Content Creation 

Top 15 Tools Necessary For Content Creation 

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Content creation is perceived to be a digital goldmine in vogue and it allows for flexibility. It is an open market that does not require a certificate or high technical skills to engage in it; just one’s talent and passion.

Based on a Forbes’ July 2022 report, the content economy has an estimated $100 billion dollars worth of revenue generated. It is a job that does not demand an office. One can depict from how popular content creation is that much equipment is not needed for it as a smartphone would suffice. However, to succeed in creating premium content, there are basic gadgets that are necessary for quality production.

Here are 15 essential tools a content creator must possess:

1. A Smartphone/iPhone

A phone is an asset in our modern community but to a content creator, it is their workspace. It is required that these set of people invest in having a good smartphone that is capable of carrying out the supposed duties as a content creator. It is advisable to own an iphone preferably from iphone X upward as these phones have features that are benefiting to creators like high camera quality and video editing features that are similar to a professional camera.

2. Microphone

For effective communication, the audio of either a video created or a podcast has to be of high quality this is why a microphone is needed. The use of a standard microphone can be beneficial as it would assist in putting out engaging and discernable contents.

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3. Camera

As much as a high quality phone would suffice, there is the need for a professional camera with high resolution that will be needed to improve the image quality. Cameras are not the cheapest gadgets but as a novice in content creation, a NIKON D3500 would do the trick.

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4. Laptop

Having a laptop might seem like a luxury for content creators but it is a vital instrument as the workload demands that they should have it. There is so much a smartphone can do but with a laptop, it can make the work easy.

5. Portable Power Bank

There are two expectations of any creator which is to always be on the go and active on the internet. This is why a portable and lasting power bank is a necessity. During outings and travels, a power bank is useful as there is no need to search for means to keep their phones active with it. As stated earlier, the phones are their workspace.


A MIFI is the portable version of a WIFI. For the fact that the location of a content creator changes, the MIFI is required for fast internet connection anywhere and everywhere.

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7. An External Hard Drive

High quality contents demands space and an average phone storage or laptop will not be enough. This is why an external hard drive can be used to save these contents.

8. Drones

As tripods assist in making videos and pictures from the desired angles, drones are effective and efficient when creators need to capture the angle from an elevated area. If aerial footage is needed, a drone comes in handy for such situations.

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9. Ring Light

For creations like video production and photography a ring light can come in handy. The ring light helps in producing studio-quality and aesthetic contents.

10. Tripod

Angles are important in content creation, especially when it comes to photography and video coverage. A tripod is as important as any gadget as its own way of assisting, it provides stability to ensure pictures are not blurry and production is done smoothly.

11. Memory Card

A memory card is useful and reliable when it comes to storage of high quality images and videos fast and accommodates them properly.

12. Headphones

A headphone is needed by any content creator, especially the wireless ones as it can be used for recording and listening when on the move during content creation.

13. Reflector

A reflector is an underrated tool for creating contents. For videos and photos creation, lighting is a necessity and a reflector assists in giving a proper lighting to the contents. It is advisable to purchase a collapsible reflector as it can be useful for creators when on the road.

14. Backdrops

Backdrops are clothings that are used as background for videos and photos. Most content creators make use of backdrops and it is necessary to have more than one to create aesthetically appealing videos and photos.

15. Video Editing Softwares

In as much as gadgets are important, editing softwares are tools that are needed to make these contents worth viewing by the audience by making it appealing. Softwares like capcut, filmora, Adobe premiere, etc., are used in editing videos and pictures.

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Even with how popular and easy it is to be a content creator, tools and gadgets that are required of any occupation apply with it, especially for those who want to succeed and stand out in the market. Similar to the biblical reference, “Many are called, few are chosen.” The audience would not want to view a poorly created contents.

Steps need to be followed to succeed and in content creation, possessing the following tools and gadgets disussed is a step towards achieving the desired goal of having good quality content and large viewership.

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