Survey Reveals OPEC’s  Second Straight Monthly Output Rise In Nigeria, Iran

Survey Reveals OPEC’s  Second Straight Monthly Output Rise In Nigeria, Iran

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OPEC has reported a second consecutive monthly increase in oil output for September, defying expectations and market dynamics.

The surge, primarily led by Nigeria and Iran, comes amidst ongoing production limits imposed by Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members, aimed at stabilizing global oil markets.

According to a recent Reuters survey released on Monday, OPEC’s overall oil production in October reached 27.73 million barrels per day (bpd), marking a noteworthy uptick of 120,000 bpd compared to August figures.

This development represents a significant departure from the trend observed since February, where production had been consistently constrained.

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Nigeria, a nation grappling with oil theft and regional instability in its oil-producing areas, emerged as a prominent contributor to the September upswing. Despite internal challenges, the country managed to bolster its oil production substantially.

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Another remarkable player in this unexpected rise was Iran, which, despite facing sanctions imposed by the United States, achieved its highest production levels since 2018.

The survey also highlighted that production from the ten OPEC member nations subject to OPEC+ supply reduction agreements experienced an increase of 80,000 bpd.

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states continued to display remarkable adherence to the agreed-upon production cuts, reinforcing their commitment to market stability.

This unanticipated surge in oil production by Nigeria and Iran underscores the complexities of global energy dynamics, revealing how geopolitical factors, regional challenges, and economic imperatives can sometimes override international agreements.

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As OPEC navigates these unexpected developments, the world watches with keen interest, aware of the potential impact on oil prices and the broader energy landscape.

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