Strangers Save Man Wanting To Jump Off London Bridge
Strangers Save Man Wanting To Jump Off London Bridge PHOTO: Twitter

Strangers Save Man Wanting To Jump Off London Bridge

2 years ago
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Twitter users tore the Internet Apart Thursday evening as user re-posted graphic picture of a depressed  man who attempted to jump off the London Bridge. Compassionate and selfless strangers rallied to  save the young man’s life.

Stuart Antony @STU_ACTOR had posted the image of the unidentified young man in the very act of committing suicide and with several unnamed passersby  working concertedly to stop him from jumping.

According to the information provided by the twitter user on his personal handle, the strangers succeeded in talking the young man out of his suicide, until help came from security agents. Antony’s post triggered a flurry of responses and debate revealing the  inherent kindness and love in the average human.

‘A man wanting to jump off a London bridge was talked down by strangers who had him for an hour until help arrived,” Twitter user, Stuart Antony @STU_ACTOR  tweeted late Thursday afternoon.

”Look at that grip. Look at the care, compassion, selflessness, and determination shown by strangers to a hurting human being. We need more of this in the world, Stuart Anthony’s tweet  added.

The incident is however believed to have happened about six years ago but got retweeted by the user to stir healthy discussion on the Internet and checks by PBA confirmed the picture as old.

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The touching  graphic image indeed showed a group of passersby engaging the young man in the hope that help would come quickly. Some of them were seen holding tightly  and clinging on to the him, just as ropes were used to fasten him to the iron bars of the bridge to ensure he did not slip off  before help came.

17 hours after  the user reposted the picture,  it was retweeted 26,400 times and got over 157,000 likes, while 2, 689 users responded to the interesting piece of information with mixed feelings. ”I get your point, and I agree that the level of humanity shown there is off the scale, but why on earth photograph someone in what is the lowest point of their lives? Very thoughtless,” a user @maxbiddle98 replied  STU_ACTOR.

Man saved from jumping off London Bridge
Man saved from jumping off London Bridge

@BetsPointless countered him, insisting that ”nothing would be wrong in taking a picture that demonstrates love at a time where desperation wanted to reign. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.”

”That’s a beautiful way of looking at it,”  @TriSarahtOps91 agrees.

”Yes, I see this as nothing but positive. It’s possible this picture could help prevent another person from being that person about to jump,” Jason R, @jjr2525 affirms. ”You put that so perfectly,”Petite_Prima agrees.

”Not like the photo is of him by himself. At his very lowest contemplating to jump is it? It’s of the remarkable act of human kindness where people have intervened to save his life. A powerful photo that will send out a powerful message, compassion,” @fletch888 replied to @maxbiddle98 and @STU_ACTOR.

For the Dark Viking @jazzvilakazi, ‘‘If a pic is worth a thousand words, from this we’ll learn the art of love and rekindling a candle that nearly went out.”

”Maybe to capture the moment so that it will give hope to others who are struggling. It shows that there are people who are struggling. It shows that there are people who care and there is support when needed,” @Sue_Steen posits.

Traveller21 @nelliermollison believes that when the young man ”looks back at this time in his life he will be able to see what selflessness looks like. He will be able to see humanitarianism of strangers who know nothing about him but cared. This way, he will be encouraged tom get the help he so needs to continue to love himself.”

Suicide, now a global concern, was few decades ago less prevalent in Africa. but has assumed troubling dimensions in many parts of the continent, including Nigeria, as economic hardship continues to get worse on rising cost of living.

Relatively rare among children, suicide occurs more often in older people than in youths. It has been identified as one of the leading causes of death in young people, the rate of which increases greatly during adolescence and considered the third leading cause of death for 15-24-year-olds, according to the CDC.

Nigeria, the most populous African country, relatively records more and more cases as economy and access to medicare become increasingly difficult.

The media in early June this year (2022) recorded a troubling case of a young man attempting to jump into the Lagos lagoon.  He was rescued by patrol officers of the Lekki Concession Company.

Two months earlier, 67-year-old Oluwatoye Bamgboye, a much older person, was also saved from jumping into the Lagos Lagoon on a day he later revealed was his birthday. He blamed personal challenges that made him sell his house and car, according to the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on patrol of the  Lagos Third Mainland Bridge.

Police also prevented a woman from jumping into the Lagos lagoon on February 3, 2022. The woman was reported to have taken the decision because of domestic violence. According to media reports, she was ”beaten at home.”


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