South Korea scramble jets
South Korea Scramble jets Photo Credit: AFP

South Korea Scrambles Jets As Russia, China Enter Air Defence Zone

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South Korea scrambled jets after Russian and Chinese warplanes carrying out joint military drills  on June 6 entered its air defence zone.

The drill was to coincide with an increase in drills by the U.S  and its allies. Prime Business Africa reports that jets were similarly scrambled in November last year when there were also incursions of South Korea’s Air Defence Identification Zone (KADIZ).

Chinese authorities in a statement said the drill was an annual cooperation plan with Russia as the patrol followed US-South Korean joint exercises in the Peninsula.

The US government, through Secretary Anthony Blinken, had on the same day called out Russia, saying its war of aggression startegy in Ukraine had failed.

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Although the South Korean military said the Russian and Chinese planes did not violate its Airspace during the incursions to the south and east of the peninsula, neither countries gave notice that their planes were entering the zone. Air defence zones represent areas where countries demand that foreign aircraft take special measures to identify themselves before entering. However, no international rules govern air defence zones unlike national airspace , which is the air above a particular country’s territory and territorial waters.

South Korea had to scramble jets in November when Chinese H-6k bombers and Russian TU-95 bombers and SU-35 fighter jets entered the KADIZ.

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